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Your favorite games?General

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  1. catchjeff

    catchjeff Member

    So far I am in love with NBA Jams. I got it off of 4 share. Takes up some space but that's what a 32g sd card is for right.

    Also loving the old games on NES and Sega emulators. Just wish you could jump on double dragon. I remember on NES it was just the A button to jump but it does not work on the Viper.

  2. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    Games games games, eat my damn battery up. Just to inform you, for future reference, AndroidForums TOS is very specific/strict when it comes to discussions relating to piracy. I know a lot of people download things from 4shared innocently not realizing it is piracy, but please in future refrain from such discussion. Thank you in advance.

    Myself I love NBA Jam too...Just started getting into Blood and Glory (my old phone couldnt handle it, lagged so much.) But, this phone and its Adreno 220 GPU Tears it UP...Smooth as heck...super reactive, and runs even BETTER w. Ram Optimizer set @ Gaming mode, (Or custom minifree/oom values). What else...Avatar Fight Online, ( been playing that on/off for a long time, wasted way too much money into it, but, i love mmorpg's, even 2d automated fighting based ones like AFO, What else..Im trying all games now b/c our device handles them so smoothly and i'm not used to that ;\. Homerun Battle 3d...(you'll never beat me...lol) ...Silly game but also Basketball Shots 3d just bought Last Night...Dead Trigger (Nice shooter game, sick graphics, decent controls)....Need for Speed Shift AND Hot Pursuit i have both...not a big fan of the tilt controls but it just takes some getting used to...Flick Golf Extreme, another addicting one. Paper Toss ( lol, its harder then it sounds )...Can't think of others at the moment but 3dWeapons Pro is cool, not really a game but you choose from like 5 different guns, and it uses your rear camera, so you can shoot up your friends and take pictures w/ the gun showing and simulated blood, lol, ( When my girl and I argue, we end up both using that App to "Virtually Take out Anger" rofl). Try games let us know what you like, what you find, Also If a game mentions requirements, we have ARm7 Neon and Adreno220 GPU.
  3. catchjeff

    catchjeff Member

    Loving Blood and Glory Legend on this phone. Does well on my asus tablet no lag what so ever during play.

    Frontline Commando is another one that gets me going.

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