Your game ideas vs I need ideas.

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  1. MaztorShake

    MaztorShake Member

    I'm looking for ne ideas you think would be cool to implement in a game. I'm talking PC games. Big or small ideas. I'm learning cpp, and I'm looking for a project. In the future I plan on making mainstream games, and ill give credit to all that post.

  2. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    A game that is like Age of Empires, and Civilization 4. Pretty much a real RTS with all factors (Morale, religion, etc)
  3. MaztorShake

    MaztorShake Member

    Okay... Just a few questions. What do you like, and what didn't you like about the games?... Also if u was to recreate those games, what would u add or take away?

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