Your own DRAGON on PHONE! - Drago Pet!

  1. dziwo

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    Your own DRAGON on PHONE! - Drago Pet!

    In Drago Pet you become a guardian of a mystic dragon.

    Before you can begin playing with your pet, you'll receive an egg to take care of.

    The first thing you'll have to remember is that your little magic creature lives all the time in your device!

    It is not simply being saved when you exit the game.

    It is always alive and may call you at any time it needs you.

    At the begining you'll have to choose a name for your dragon and the time for your dragon to sleep.

    The game will be released in days on Android Market.

    Go to for more info about the game!

  2. shaolin95

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    Any images? My wife will love this for sure!
  3. brykins

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    Probably would have been better to make the announcement when the app was available. I know I would have checked it out and two of my three Android-owning kids would have wanted it, but I also know I'll forget it within five minutes of typing this reply....
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    Wow! Good to see some people interested with project Drago Pet here :) Actually the game will be released very soon (this June), and we wouldn't call Drago Pet a game... It is something more advanced... The pet is always alive... and what we mean is REALLY ALWAYS! It may send you a notification when it's hungry or needs a shower... Here's the official game logo:

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    The dragon sends you an SMS when it's hungry?

    Sounds like a teenager.
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    Drago Pet is a real 3D game for phones.

    You can watch the dragon as he breathes, sleeps, jumps, and do other things.

    And what's more, the dragon grows and changes shapes!:D


    Here is hi-poly baby dragon model. In the game will be a similar one.
  7. aagames

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    Drago Pet game is finally released!

    Did you ever dream about having an acient creature as your friend? In Drago Pet we will become a guardian of a mystic dragon! Before we begin playing with our pet, we will receive an egg to take proper care of it. When it will hatch we will step into an epic adventure of living, having fun and taking care of an unique dragon living in your phone!
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    PLEASE HELP:eek:
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    Click the pointy finger then stroke the screen up and down. It's meant to be discipline but I've never had it do anything bad :D
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    I moved this to the Application Announcements forum so folks looking for new apps can find it.:)

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