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  1. DingleLing

    DingleLing New Member


    Internal Storage:
    Total space: 0.94 gb
    apps: 179MB
    Available: 782MB

    Phone Storage:
    Total space: 95.23MB
    Available: 89.48MB

    Storage card:

    I got this phone a few months ago and when i take a picture and im done editing it and i want to save it, it gives me this "Your SD card is full"

    Any help? :/

  2. CricketTech

    CricketTech Member

    If you dont have memory card on your phone. all of your files will be saved on your phne memory or internal storage. you only have 4gb internal space. so you try to do factory reset From the home screen, slide the Notifications panel open.
    Tap Storage and then Factory Data Reset.
    Tap Reset Phone, then tap Erase Everything.
    or master reset Press and hold the Volume Down button and then press and hold the Power button.
    Wait for the screen with the thee Android images to appear, and then release the Power and Volume Down buttons.
    Press Volume Down to select Factory Reset, and then press the Power button.
    The One V will reboot, and come to rest at the Android welcome screen.
    Complete Android set-up as normal; dial *228 if necessary to perform OTA Programming.
    however you contact numbers will be deleted so if you have cricket back you can back up data again :)
  3. DingleLing

    DingleLing New Member

    im kinda new using android phones and i have music too :/ dont want to delete them. VirginMobile said to buy a SD card and see if that works... is there any other solutions?
  4. los panda

    los panda Well-Known Member

    not sure i understand your concern. where do you have music?

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