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  1. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

  2. alackman

    alackman Well-Known Member

    it could well mean that the sensation XE will get the 4.1 but i doubt very much it will arrive anytime in the next 6 months in which time most people will be looking to upgrade phone again and if not then soon after. i wish HTC, or any manufacturer for that matter would be brave enough to release the new android updates soon after Google release it without their overlay as an optional download. I for one would be happy to maintain brand loyalty if this where possible giving me the choice then to update the sense overlay as and when HTC managed to get it tested and sent out etc. I don't feel I should have root to get current updates within 6 months
  3. admob

    admob Well-Known Member

    you're not missing anything... google now is a bit of a gimmick, and you lose the simple mount as storage option to connect to a pc/mac.. i would downgrade if i could from my one x!.

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