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Your top 5 apps

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  1. SB80

    SB80 Member

    let's start a list and see what everyone's top 5 apps/games are for their X10. It can be free or paid. Also give a brief description if you can for those that don't have that app. An app just might show up that you haven't tried yet already!

    Mine so far:

    1. Helix Launcher - love the shortcuts and double tap feature that allows you to see the other screens
    2. Handscent SMS - totally kills the SMS program that comes with the phone
    3. Google Maps
    4. Google Sky Map - see the universe by slowly moving the phone around. Damn cool showing this to other people.
    5. Jewels - game is addictive

  2. airplaneman

    airplaneman Well-Known Member

    1. Beautiful Widgets - weather on the home screen ftw.
    2. ES Task Manager - great task manager program
    3. Astro - great file/application manager
    4. Robo Defense Free - addicting tower defense style game
    5. BatteryTime Lite - great battery widget
  3. tracer2009

    tracer2009 Active Member

    all free.....

    1; swype - amazing text input software , not officially available for xperia but you can get the beta version if you dig a bit on google. Swype | Text Input for Screens for some demos

    2; xbmc remote - again another amazing app, control your media centre, remote functions are instantaneous, browse through your media on mobile then select what to play on tv.

    3; guitar strings - simple guitar tuner

    4: office suite - view excel, word docs

    5; es file explorer - browse sd card , windows shares, ftp + app manager
  4. torro

    torro Member

    Skyfire web browser
    Agenda Widget
    WF Clock widget
    Mort Audiobook player
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  5. ianwang

    ianwang Member

    Zeam Launcher
    Xscope Browser
    double Twist
    K-9 mail

  6. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    adw-launcher - nice, clean and super fast
    es file manager - cleaner ui than astro imo
    k-9 mail - much better than stock email app, looks even prettier with the new update
    dolphin browser - best browser experience, just try it
    colornote - note writing app with widget that looks like post-it, i have a desktop just for these widgets
  7. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    Adw launcher - slick, smooth and still good on battery
    Dolphin browser - better browser, user friendly, i have the one with youtube downloader which is cool
    Rock divx player - play avi divx and more.. top quality.. didnt experience any lag either!!
    Musicjunk - download any songs you want. Most of them are here.. seems to have a huge database!!
    Meridian - music player, ability to add playlists, quicker, drains less batteryand has a cool music control widget which mediascape lacks!!
  8. jebusmackay

    jebusmackay Member

    @themanwiththeplan I could not find the divx app you described searched the market for rock divx player and combinations there of. can you tell me where to dl it?
    best 5 apps
    apn on/off widget best battery saving app in my opinion.
    mort audiobook/music player great audio player esp for audiobooks:)
    fring good for using Skype on the go
    endomondo great app for tracking workouts and auto upload to web.
    HTC keyboard essential as SE keyboard was terrible!
  9. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    Yeah i know what you mean.. im not totally sure myself lol, says demo player on my phone yet i read it as rock divx player.. anyway im providin a link of my own 4 you! (hopefully should work fine)


    Enjoy ;-)
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  10. werthers

    werthers Well-Known Member

    1) Handscent SMS
    2) Mort Player (Folder based media player with an audiobook version too which both run through the same widget, absolutely perfect for me!)
    3) Quickdial (awesome one click dialer)
    4) Math Alarm Clock (the best alarm ever, you have to solve a sum before it turns off guaranteed to wake you up!)
    5) Battery life (the best battery widget! Even has voltages if you want it)
  11. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    1: quick dial
  12. saltorio

    saltorio Well-Known Member

    1. ADW.Launcher - fast and customizable home screen.
    2. FolderOrganizer - great way to keep your apps organized and access them quickly.
    3. xScope Browser - best and fastest browser I have yet found for the X10.
    4. Swype - any other keyboard pales in comparison to the sped and fluidity of Swype.
    5. Pure Messenger - viewing emails, SMS, Facebook updates and more in a customizable widget just shows why Android rocks over iOS.

    Honourable Mentions
    Abduction - horribly addictive game.
    bTunes - fast and smooth MP3 player with lock-screen controls.
    NewsRoom - best RSS/article reader, bar none.
    PdaNet - don't tether without it.

    Written using Swype. Please excuse any mis-selected words, I tend not to pay attention. :p
  13. basballa

    basballa New Member

  14. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    1) handcent- best messaging app
    2) opera mini- awesome browser
    3) astro- file manager, very useful
    4) barcode scanner- to scan barcodes
    5) camtranslator- this is awesome for translating, google translate is faster, but this is just awesome
    6) adw launcher or launcher pro- both have their own unique features
    7) music downloader pro- dload songs!
    8) swype- best keyboard ever! u will never want to use anything else..
    9) Mixzing- music app
    10) animated weather- shows the animated weather (yes it rains/snows on ur screen but u have to open the app) for the next 3 days + has a nice widget..

    other apps based on ur interest- espncricinfo for cricket, dota cheat sheet, zedge for wallpapers n ringtones, sleep bot tracker, ultra voice changer, hangover soundboard (get this if u liked the movie!)

    nice widgets: astrid tasks, gauge battery widget, tajm (clock), signal strength widget, post it desk, APN on/off for 3g, led light, simi folder

    angry bird- nuff said.. the original, seasons, rio are all epic
    cubes free
    deadly chambers- awesome shooting game
    mx moto lite
    paper toss
    raging thunder 2- best racing game
    robo defense- nice tower defense
    sky force
    speedx 3d
    stupid zombies- if u feel like killing zombies :p
    super KO boxing 2
  15. KTP

    KTP Well-Known Member

    1. Handcent sms - sms app
    2. Swiftp - great for moving files wirelessly
    3. Skifta - get all my favourite digital radio stations
    4. Audiogalaxy - can stream all my music from my computer
    5. Movies - flixster, check out latest films, trailers, cinema times, reviews etc.

    Launcher has to be launcherpro plus
  16. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Camera 360 - better camera app with way more features
    SwiFTP - FTP server for the phone so I can send files from any computer to and from the phone (great if you don't always have your USB cable)
    ScoreMobile - from The Score (one of the 3 sports networks in Canada) shows pretty much every sport, odds and good update times...some games also have a real time blog of the game so updates are as instant as TV...I use it for NHL, NCAA and NFL and sometimes MMA
    Skyfire - my favorite browser because it converts some videos on the fly. I can view highlights from hockey and football which I can't do in the default Browser
    XPeria Flashlight - I have used it dozens of times....very helpful

    Other apps/games:

    Alchemy - the game....mix elements and create new objects....good waste of time.

    Angry Bird, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio

    TV Show Favs (lets me know when new TV eps are coming out from my favorite shows)

    AppBrain App Market - better market app that syncs apps and lets me create app lists I can share with friends

    ArcMedia - best media playing app that plays pretty much every video type from FLV to AVI to MPG.
  17. spikeithard

    spikeithard Well-Known Member

    in no pert. order...

    vlingo/google voice action thingy
    google maps
    gas buddy (im a direct drive courier.... very useful!)
  18. x10iii

    x10iii Well-Known Member

    oh i have to add some stuff to this...
    games: squibble and minigore- both are absolutely awesome!
    other: communicate (speak in one language n it translates it instantly!) and google goggles (search on youtube to see how epic this is)
  19. madman_sle

    madman_sle New Member

    Not in any order:

    Arc Launcher - Came with my custom ROM of choice
    Dolphin Browser Lite - Tried other browsers and always came back to this one
    Fuel Log - Absolutely love this app, great for tracking fuel expenses
    GoSMS Pro - Tried handcent a few times, keep going back to this one
    Tapatalk - Amazing
  20. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    Not in any order:
    LauncherPro - the notifications on the dock alone make this app rule.
    Calorie Counter - losing weight eating the foods I like.
    Freecell - Addictive game with the historic stats.
    ScoreMobile - One stop shopping for the multi sport fan.
    Advanced Task Killer - Use it all the time...dont' care about the controversy :)
  21. joemonkey

    joemonkey Well-Known Member

    - shapewriter
    - gentle alarm
    - thai dial
    - astro
    - multipicture live wallpaper
  22. UnderCeej

    UnderCeej New Member

    Hey everyone, first poster here, just thought I'd jump into the conversation! :D

    I very rarely download apps that cost me money. Not cuz I'm a student and permanently skint, but because I have found so many brilliant apps that are free! My top 5..

    5) Ringdroid - Lets you take music and trim samples of it to set as your default ringtone or notification tone. Might sound simple, but you'd be amazed how many people have the latest BBs and iPhones that cannot do this!

    4) Smart Keyboard - Gets rid of the QWERTY keyboard originally installed on your phone and replaces it with an old-skool keypad. Great for people with chubby fingers like me :)

    3) Sky+ - Invaluable app that lets me set my programs up to record when I'm out the house. Could not live without this app!

    2) Where's My Droid? - Amazing free app that, when you text your number a specific phrase/word, activates the ringtone so you can find your phone when you have it on silent (I have a co-worker who loves to hide my phone, and this one foils her all the time!) and also can enable GPS to track your phone when you lose it. I haven't actually lost my phone but I tested this out with my partner one night and was amazed it gave me an accurate reading when I didn't even have GPS switched on!

    1) SayNoTo08 - A brilliant app that, when switched on, automatically gives you alternative numbers for companies within the UK when you try to dial their 0845 number from your mobile. This app has saved me LOADS of money since I moved into my new flat!

    The Android Market is a great way of killing time, browsing though all the apps and downloading them! This one thread will keep me busy for the next week or so, trying out all the ones you guys suggest! Thanks!
  23. linussk

    linussk Member

    good apps.
    give more details....
  24. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    Beautiful Widgets
    Calorie Counter
  25. ioanbsu

    ioanbsu New Member

    1) Rom manager
    2) androidVNC
    3) Magic Maze
    4) Pandora
    5) Flixter(movies)

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