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    Hey I'd just like to introduce myself to you guys. My name is Alex and I'm part of the editorial team at Yoursphere for Parents. Yoursphere for Parents is an internet-safety information resource for families and part of our editorial focus is to review and recommend applications and games that cater to parents, children, and teens. We've just started a new Certified Application Review Program that's free to all forum members.

    Who is this program open to: Any developer who has created an application or game that is targeted at a child or family audience.

    What we need: a copy of your child or family friendly application or game.

    What you get in return: A professional review of your application or game on, a Yoursphere for Parents certified badge, social media promotion to an audience of 40k+ parents and educators, and an opportunity to reach the child audience with a page about your game or application inside our kids-only social network,

    If you would like to learn more about our Certified Application Review Program, please click the link below.

    If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me or leave your question or comment below and I'll try to get back to you as fast as possible.


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    If you have any question's feel free to ask!
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    I emailed you a description of my game at the weekend.

    Out of interest, what are "COPPA compliant ads"?
    Most advertising networks don't give you much control over the adverts displayed in your apps. You can pick general categories of adverts that may be appropriate - but you are relying on the advertising network themselves actually vetting and correctly categorising ads.

    Do you provide a set of approved advert categories for popular advertising networks? Or blacklists of domains to block?


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    GeorgeN: Emailed you back about certifying your app.
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    Very cool thing! I'm currently working on app for kids and I'll definitely submit it to you!
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    Afftor: Thanks for your interest. Just PM or email me when the app is finished
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    If anyone else is interested feel free to PM or email me
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