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YouTube App cannot access my account's videos and favoritesSupport

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  1. pablomentabo

    pablomentabo Member

    I am on the Epic 4g using the default YouTube app that came with the Epic 4g and I get an error every time I try to access my linked YouTube account. I have attached the screenshot of the error. This happens after going into the YouTube app, selecting "My account" then selecting my account from the "YouTube accounts" pop up. It will freeze for a while then I get the error in the screenshot.


    edit 1:

    I've even tried the HQ YouTube app found here:


    and taking the same steps as above it does the freezes but this time doesn't bring up that same error (I waited a couple minutes).

    By the way, this is the stock ROM and I am not rooted

  2. pablomentabo

    pablomentabo Member

    So I guess either nobody has this issue or doesn't know a resolution? Kinda sucks when I'm on the go and I want to see my subscriptions and not have to search for them every time.
  3. jeeves5454

    jeeves5454 Member

    Confirmed I have the same issue. I found a way around it. Instead of selecting the existing Account on the device, select "Add Account". Then enter in your username and password (not @gmail.com) again, and try and connect.

    This worked for me. As lo0ng as I did not select the same existing account that was used to sync everything else on the phone. Dont know why but it worked.

    Also for the life of me cannot figure out why the phone shipped without Youtube HQ .
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  4. pablomentabo

    pablomentabo Member

    Awesome, thanks jeeves5454, that worked for me too
  5. I am having the same issue but Adding the account in does the same thing. Did ya'll have to download Youtube HQ for it to work??
  6. pablomentabo

    pablomentabo Member

    IDK, I didn't try the solution listed in this article on the vanilla YouTube app, maybe it only works when you have YouTube HQ installed.
  7. I installed Youtube HQ from the link provided above and tried to access account and the tried by adding it and it still froze and needed to be force closed. I guess I'm going to go to Sprint with the issue.

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