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YouTube App Can't Handle Multiple UploadsSupport

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  1. bexier

    bexier Active Member

    Hopefully this will be a fix in Froyo, supposedly due out by christmas for all us EVO owners. (unless you have rooted it already).

    YouTube App won't upload Multiple movies. I take several clips when documenting my friends and family. then I like to upload them all at the end of the day off the phone. This seems like a normal practice, but it is something that the YouTube app seems to have a problem with.

    Here is the scenario:

    • I'm in Videos.
    • I click Share.
    • I choose YouTube from the Pop-up.
    • Then I choose my videos (plural).
    • Now they are all in the Que.
    • First video in the que uploads slowly, and then randomly stops at 40 or 50 or 60% saying "Waiting to retry"

    This is the case for every single Multiple Upload I do.

    So I ran tests with:

    Gmail - no luck cause it get's stuck on "Sending" with no progress bar.
    Browser - upload disabled on Mobile devices over browser

    What works is - Uploading 1 video at a time. Snore

    Does anybody else have this problem?

  2. Zellster

    Zellster Active Member

    I have this problem with single movies too. It's always retries. It take hitting rety about 90 times to finish. That's why I did a search because this sucks.
  3. Psywar

    Psywar Active Member

    I just posted about this, this morning when I got home from work.
    Ive been trying to upload this video its 60megs..

    It stops and to retry like every freaking percent. I don't understand it at all.
    What is it trying to retry? I am on a dang wifi connection so its not like it is losing a signal.

    I started the upload at around 8am this morning it is now 5pm and it is at 32% uploaded.
  4. fillossofer

    fillossofer New Member

    Same problem here. On wifi, upload never get past 65% or so. Retries a number of times and then times out citing a network error. Small files, big files, 65% is the best i can do.
  5. bexier

    bexier Active Member

    I had been avoiding updating my software through Sprint and HTC for fear of Bricking my phone (that version that was screwing everyone up if you remember). But my phone was running like crap and I was three versions behind. So i jumped.

    Surprisingly Sprint does nothing to inform you that one of those upgrades is Android 2.2

    I can now upload through 3G and my wireless is much more stable (802.11 N)

    So if you have not upgraded, I'd recommend that and see if your phone can handle the movies.

  6. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    Actually there was lots of notification about the Froyo update. This is what happens when you're three updates behind lol.
  7. bexier

    bexier Active Member

    I'm sure there may have been. especially since we have been clamoring for it. But I stay fairly well plugged in. I searched specifically for weeks after the brick update for news on a fix. But eventually gave up thinking I'll either try back later or hope for an update from Sprint. I got my first update (notification) from Sprint 2 weeks ago. When I checked out the version log. I noticed I was not just 1 version behind but 2 (not including the brick version). However the log mentioned nothing about Froyo. I double checked after noticing the new OS in system settings.

    Since I fancy myself someone who is adept at handling his device (aside from rooting) I can think It's safe to assume there are others like me who were avoiding he update.

    Besides my phone was working fine. Why take a chance on breaking someyhing if it was working (aside from a few minor glitches that you learn to work around)

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