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Youtube App not Installing - "Error Installing - Package file was not signed correctly"

  1. brlc

    brlc Member

    I have tried to update the default youtube app on my nexus one (Froyo) numerous times. I get the message "Error Installing - Package file was not signed correctly". I am trying to upgrade from 1.6.21 to 2.0.26.

    I have tried unmounting my SD card, clearing the cache for the android market, the download manager and the original youtube app.


    Thanks :)

  2. bjblackmore

    bjblackmore Member


    Did you manage to resolve this? I have exactly the same problem - Nexus One, Froyo, Youtube 1.6.21 upgrading to 2.0.26. It downloads OK, but then errors with 'package file was not signed correctly'. Like you I've tried clearing the cache for download manager, market, unmounted the sd card, rebooted!

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

  3. brlc

    brlc Member

    No I still havn't managed to get this working, I tried yesterday (8th of November). Where did you purchase your Nexus One?
  4. Robbiewhiskeyhands

    Robbiewhiskeyhands New Member

    i have the same problem with the Facebook for android app, i can't update. I've tried uninstalling the application but it fails everytime. I've even tried to install the recent update from the web(4shared), downloads but fails to install like the market. i don't know what to do please help.
  5. brlc

    brlc Member

    I had that problem the first time I tried to update the latest FB update, but I tried again and it worked fine. I still have no idea how to get around this problem.

    Did you recently get you phone? in the last month or so?
  6. brlc

    brlc Member

    This should do it!

    You should be able to root your device using Universal Androot. It's not on the market, so Google it and download & install it. You'll need to go in to settings and enable non-market downloads. After you install Androot, open the app and press 'Root :)'. You will then have a rooted phone with superuser, etc. Don't worry, you can still un-root if you need to.

    Go to the market and install Titanium Backup (free version will do). Load it and click the button that says 'Problems?' to install a better version of BusyBox. Go to 'Backup/Restore' and scroll down until you find the Youtube app. Select it, back it up if you want, then choose 'Un-install'. After this, make sure you reboot your phone.

    When your phone has rebooted, load the market, search for Youtube. Download, install, all done.

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