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  1. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    my youtube isn't working through chrome. i get what looks like a missing puzzle piece icon (like what you'd get if missing flash) & message that says chrome for android does not support this plugin). it worked fine last night. i can still watch youtube through the app. last night i turned off a bunch of syncing options' perhaps i messed something up? or google is trying to get me to watch through apo?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It uses Flash iirc and Chrome doesn't support Flash.

    You need to sideload the flash apk file, then use a browser like Boat or Dolphin and it should work without too much hassle.

    If you need a link to Flash, let me know.
  3. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    oh that's right i'm dumb sometimes... i hadn't reinstalled the apk since the factory reset i did. i think i've still got the apk in dropbox, i'll let you know if i have other probs w/it. thanks.
  4. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    Firefox plays Youtube very well.
  5. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    Youtube works just fine in Chrome on my N7.
  6. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    Same. I figured Google was pretty big on html 5 so flash wasn't an issue.
  7. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    so the videos still play in chrome but i still get a brief message that the plugin is missing. the video box then blinks to black but the video plays after that just fine.
  8. whs37

    whs37 Well-Known Member

    I use Opera - works great.

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