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  1. jerkslovealex

    jerkslovealex New Member

    I have a problem I have the HTC Vivid. I've download music from hulkshare and use flash but now I can hear from the web YouTube and when ever I want to hear my video or phones sound options the only thing I hear is when it rings for text or phone call and music I have on my phone

    Please help if you can if not I'm go get he same phone without the problem.

  2. zooey02

    zooey02 New Member

    Have you upgraded to ICS? When I upgraded, I didn't have sound on Youtube or Internet. Read at that after the upgrade take out the battery for 5 mins then it will upgrade and you will get sound back.
    Tried it and it worked. Hope this is works for you.
  3. creep305

    creep305 New Member

    I've done that and it worked, but now I am still having the same issue. No sound when watching videos over the Internet. There got to be something else going on.

    Is anybody else having this same issue and does anybody knows how to fix it?
  4. creep305

    creep305 New Member

    I was watching YouTube and got no sound from any video I was watching. I went to other sites and the same thing was happening. I recently checked up on this issue and found a thread saying to take the battery out for five minutes and let android ICS update. So I done that, and it worked. Now today, the sound is gone again from any website I visit.
    Is there a fix for this that anybody knows of?
    And is this an issue with the phone or with ICS?:confused:
  5. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Hmmmm, I am not aware of any issues with the sound not working on the Vivid. My daughter has one that just updated to ICS, and no problems have appeared. I think you might want to take it to your service provider for troubleshooting.

    I have merged these two threads for similar content.
  6. bruce73

    bruce73 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "let Android ICS update?" If it's that "updating apps" BS it goes through, AFAIK that's a bug with ICS that'll happen each time you reboot. Not sure what taking the battery out accomplishes that a simple reboot wouldn't though.
  7. creep305

    creep305 New Member

    Thank you guys for responding.

    What I meant by let it update, a thread I read, when i googled this problem, someone had the same issue and they suggested to remove the battery, wait five minutes and put it back in. When I did that, my phone came on and said Andriod is upgrading, and it counts up to 117.. So I let the phone update.

    I just restarted the phone and now i can hear sound from youtube again. This is the second time I've done this for this problem.

    I'll get back to you guys if it happens again.

    Wish me Luck! :)
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  8. Michelerose

    Michelerose New Member

    Just got my phone two days ago and this already happened to it. Thanks to Google I found this forum. Att tech support couldn't help. A funny note tho, when the phone turns off and on it displays "htc quietly brilliant" Just thought I'd share :)
  9. mschichibabyx3

    mschichibabyx3 New Member

    I've had to take out the battery several times myself whenever I couldn't hear sound from the internet, ringtones or other apps, but I could listen to my music. It's really annoying and I don't want to keep doing that every time I don't hear anything. Is there any way to fix it permenantly?
  10. TigerRussell

    TigerRussell Guest

    I had a problem with media starting and stopping, and no sound from youtube, although I had sound from ringtones, so I knew the physical speaker worked. After some research, I did a factory reset. No luck. I uninstalled all apps. No luck. So I did a 5 minute battery pull. No luck. Finally, I did an overnight battery pull = remove battery for 8 hours. Woke up, and assembled the battery to phone. My homescreen had 2 old icons that were right on right before I deleted the apps the night before. Maybe there is a buffer stack overflow in the droid deletion routine? (question for the devs). And so to continue, I started up my tunein radio and the sound and program work perfectly! Long story short, just try taking the battery out for 8 hours to fix your phone! ;-)

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