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  1. imsoman

    imsoman Member

    hi guys,
    just found out today that whenever i press 'account' in the youtube app,it forces close the app. but i can still watch video under 'home'.
    i tried clearing all the data and cache but it still doesn't work.
    anyone know how to fix it ??

    i'm using galaxy nexus, the version of the app is 3.3
    i can't find any update for the app

  2. Mikey P

    Mikey P Well-Known Member

    not having this problem, but it does force close when I try to subscribe to a channel sometimes.
  3. sdablool

    sdablool Active Member

    Iam having the same problem here on 4.0.3
  4. imsoman

    imsoman Member

    I can't remember if it happens right after the upgrade, but yea, i have it upgraded too
  5. ThEoRy36O

    ThEoRy36O Well-Known Member

    Same problem, 4.02

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