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  1. craigeeee

    craigeeee New Member

    Hello all
    I am having problems with any youtube links.
    Any time i click on a link to do with youtube, it takes me to the site like normal.
    But as soon as i click on the video to play it, it just does not do anything?
    i am connected to my wireless network by the way.
    Thanks in advance
    Craig :confused:

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    There can be issues with using Wifi .... If the youTube video will play Ok when you are not connected via wifi ... then issue is with wifi/app/router ....

  3. craigeeee

    craigeeee New Member

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Even on 3g it did not work,
    It kept on saying "video not found on Mobileyoutube.com"
    Even tho i was on the normal you tube website it kept on redirecting me to the mobileyoutube site for some strange reason and then coming up with video not found???

    Anyhow i just upgraded the firmware to version 2.something and now the videos play fine :)

    Thanks for your help

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