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  1. spsick

    spsick Member

    hi maybe someone can help me. i got the factory update 2.2 for my vm samsung intercept and ever since my youtube playback is messed up. it will load and start to play but it shuts down after a few secounds. it will start up and play after 3 or 4 min and then stop again. this is only when the phone is in 3g mode, youtube works great with WiFi. Called VM many times there only solution for anything is take batt out. they suck, please help thanks

  2. need2burn

    need2burn Member

    Hey, are you using the built-in app or Try both. And can you run the app on your phone to check and see what kind of 3g speeds you're getting?
  3. c0mp1337n00b

    c0mp1337n00b Member

    try market ver...

    TELMENOW New Member

    I hear you loud and clear. Does the same thing in 3G to me....I am not sure how to use of that scares me. Anyway same thing happens to me. It could be a 1 min, 3 min, or 10 min video and there will be play and freezes throughout. Well. I just started. To download the video since it won't play on the spot. Then transfer and play on my computer....well this time they helped me more by telling me they would increase my phone speed? I have to test and see if that works tonight!
  5. IceColdGlacier

    IceColdGlacier Well-Known Member

    Tubemate is all I use.... Go to and download it.... The best thing about tubemate is that YOU CAN ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD VIDEOS AND SAVE IT TO YOUR PHONE.

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