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youtube sideloading apps video

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  1. Jogi

    Jogi Well-Known Member

  2. Awesome very very cool
  3. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Well-Known Member

    ....and the hits keep on coming!
  4. and yet people are still defending the Atrix? I just sent this as a tip and emailed the site to correct their story, they stated that you cant and i have sent them proof and they havent updated the story yet.
  5. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Well-Known Member

    Not to diss the Atrix, but come on. It has so much potential, and they're just pissing it away by outlandish prices. I have absolutely no second thoughts on getting the Inspire anymore. The price point is perfect, and the Inspire is damn near perfect. I'm gonna be very happy with my $99 phone for a while! And add side loading to the mix is even better. All the right pieces are just falling into place to make this one of the best phones out there.
  6. and thats my point between the price and the locked down nature this phone is a fail
  7. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Well-Known Member

    God, I love this device.

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