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  1. maxb730

    maxb730 Member

    When I try to watch youtube videos on my phone through the built-in app it loads slower than it should. Some videos load faster than other sometimes. I know 4g is scarcer than other areas for my device, but between 3g-4g shouldn't be a huge gap. It takes 40+ min to load 15-21min videos all this on 3g, so i'm asking is there any other way to make youtube load faster w/out burning out my battery.

  2. maxb730

    maxb730 Member

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  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Its entirely on your provider, not your phone.
  4. maxb730

    maxb730 Member

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    I have Sprint w/ 3g area for my samsung galaxy s2..
    I think different phones get different coverage in certain areas, so isn't having a specific phone affect the results of internet speed/data coverage???

    YouTube just loads up too slow. A 15min video shouldn't be waiting to load for a hour. Especially on a new phone. I just bought not to long ago..
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Again, it doesnt depend entirely on the phone or what you are loading. You could have excellent coverage but if you have a lot of competition for the internet with limited resources for sockets or bandwidth on your area, it won't download as fast. For example, in my apartment I get only 3 bars of signal, but I can watch videos on youtube without stutter, it loads faster than I can watch. But at school I have max signal bars but loading the same youtube video needs buffer.

    It doesn't matter how new or how powerful your phone is if your network's internet is the problem. Different phones don't get different coverage, they are connecting to the same cellphone tower from your network. Network coverage is not phone specific. There's a tower somewhere near your location and all phones in the vicinity of that tower connects to it.

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