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  1. pscook

    pscook New Member

    I recveived my OTA update last week and now I am having issues uploading a video to youtube. The notifications says "waiting for Wifi." I have never seen this issue before. I tried turning wifi on, then off, played with the settings, but I am otherwise stumped. The phone has been rather intuitive until just this moment, so I am leaning toward the upgrade toggling something that I don't know to look for.

    Hints, help, suggestions?

  2. narddog

    narddog Member

    I had the same problem. After doing some research, it seems that if a file is too big the phone automatically tries to send via wifi. I had no wifi available this morning so i ended up sending it by bluetooth to my laptop and uploaded that way.
  3. pscook

    pscook New Member

    Thanks for the info, that's probably it. The current file is the largest I have attempted, that stands to reason that it wouldn't want to do it on the network. I just uploaded the video through the USB connection, no problems.

    Thanks again.

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