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Youtube video doesn't work on Dolphin browser

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  1. umby75

    umby75 Active Member

    Hi! Happy new Year!
    New year. ..new problem!!
    Who can give me a help to fix my issue on Dolphin browser? When I go on youtube website through this browser now it doesn't open the window anymore to select the preferred app to play the media (i used to select youtube app).
    And if I want to watch the media on Dolphin I listen audio but the video is corrupted..
    Thank you in Advance!!!!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Why not just use the YouTube app?
  3. umby75

    umby75 Active Member

    When I navigate on web usually I use Dolphin browser and I find video for youtube; then I would prefer that the window appears to select youtube app for playing of the media as the browser worked a few of time ago...
  4. TurtleRunner

    TurtleRunner Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using other browsers like Chrome?
  5. umby75

    umby75 Active Member

    I have not tried Chrome browser, but Opera, Mozilla f.e. work fine. It's a specific problem of Dolphin...
  6. acdodd

    acdodd Well-Known Member

    I just tried it with dolphin and it played the video OK.
    Check your settings and see if flash player is set to always on.
  7. umby75

    umby75 Active Member

    Thank you for your help!!!

    The problem occurs not for each movie, but for example this media to url link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKyJzXDWaU4 Dolphin doesn't show correctly but corrupted. For me would be enough get the window to select the preffered app to play (f.e.YouTube) as I said some post on.
    I think that I have the Flash Player installed on (i have an icon called Flash Player settings into Apps menu) because I can open others media files...

    I don't think that it's a installation problem otherwise I couldn't open each file...
  8. Sharmy

    Sharmy Member

    I like to see YouTube videos, if I go into Desktop mode for YouTube's site, the same may be true for other browsers. I've always had bad luck the the YouTube app myself, so just stopped using it. And, the mobile mode for YouTube's website is buggy for me, too.
  9. umby75

    umby75 Active Member

    On last OS update (ver. 4.1.2) the videos seem work fine on Dolphin, but i'm still testing them...because the issue occurred for not all videos.
  10. bfmsgv

    bfmsgv New Member

    im having the same problem with CM 10.2.1 sigh. i thought dolphin was the perfect browser. hope the next update will fix the problem. the plan is to manage what starts up in the background. thats why i dont use the youtube app. yeah i dont want to use a task killler either.
  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    That video does fine in Dolphin.

    First, uninstall your Flash, it's likely not supported.

    Next, turn on Jetpack in Dolphin.

    Download this supported Flash -


    And change your settings to always have flash player on under web content.
  12. bfmsgv

    bfmsgv New Member

    i have the flash set to always on. i downloaded the latest flash from the link you posted. still freezes if i click a link or attempt to search anything. any suggestions? im using a tf300t with CM 10.2.1. update: im using desktop mode
  13. bfmsgv

    bfmsgv New Member

  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    And you have Jetpack on in Dolphin?
  15. MustangLife

    MustangLife Well-Known Member

    I had some issues with dolphin freezing on me,etc sometimes with videos. I did my own little test downloaded 8 of the too browsers and tried the same 3 websites. Dolphin loaded faster than anybody but had its issues. I use cm browser and chrome 50/50. CM has less bugs issues but chrome has been issue free for me.
  16. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Think you very much have to use Dolphin if you need Flash. YouTube shouldn't need Flash though, has an app you can use, or if you do use a mobile browser, it sees Android and shouldn't try and stream Flash content. Dolphin seems stable enough on my device, not crashing or freezing or anything.

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