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  1. Phil Wales

    Phil Wales Member

    Yep got mine today from CPW, and the lens, been having a play the evening, the only slightly annoying thing about the lens, is you can't actually see the pics you take with it. It's default is 18mp when a sd card is installed, or 2mp without. The 18 get written to the card but I can't see any way of viewing them, unless you use a computer.

  2. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Do you have PlayMemories Mobile installed?
  3. Phil Wales

    Phil Wales Member

    Yes, but that just seems to try to connect to the lens when launched, and not actually do anything else , will explore more today
  4. Phil Wales

    Phil Wales Member

    Quick update it seems the lens actually sends a low Rez pic to the phone to view on screen. Slight problem, now is that when using the lens you loose your wifi connection as it's needed for transfer, but will try with NFC today and see what that does.

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