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  1. LuvMusic

    LuvMusic VIP Member VIP Member

    Well, this place has been very quiet! :sleep:

    Many of us have had our TMo Z1s' for several months now and I'm wondering how the device is working out for you?

    Living in the Chicago area, my experience with the Z1s has been very positive. Getting great data speeds and performance from my Z1s. No lag, works the way I expected.

    Since I travel quite a bit, the international roaming benefit of TMo's plan has been a GREAT benefit. Since I've I had my Z1s I have been to Switzerland twice and France once and the roaming performance has been very good. It's not as fast as in the States but totally acceptable. It's great to be able to respond to e-mails, texts and use Google maps while moving around without having to worry about additional charges.

    The one main complaint I have with the Z1's is the output level on the headphone jack, it's a little on the low side....needs another 5 - 10db of output. Sound quality is great.

    As to the screen, I have found it to be really pretty good. I think I like Sony's approach to accurate versus "vibrant / overblown" displays.

    Battery life for the way I use my Z1s has been outstanding.

    As to Sony and TMo support for the phone, I've been satisfied. Sure, I would like to get KitKat, but 4.3 seems to be working fine for me. I also like the Sony freebies offered through the Xperia Lounge. If you haven't checked them out, I would recommend it. Some great extra themes, free games and I just got the new Michael Jackson album for free. All very cool.

    So, what's your experience? What would you change? Also, have you found any Z1s features that surprised you or that you find useful?

  2. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    I've been using my Z1s for a few months now, through work, school, and adventures with friends it has served me well with great battery life, a good connection, and the best camera i could ask for without a huge bulge on the back on my phone. I agree that the headphone output volume is low, but it does give good sound. I find myself using my phone when needed for close listening and my Ipod for anything else. When i bought the phone, i also got the body glove case and am not entirely happy, the coating on the bottom piece and corners of the case has rubbed off, im thinking from all the times i take it in and out of my pocket. My only other complaint is that the other day while charging my phone i somehow managed to pull the waterproof cover out of its socket, after finding it and a little bit of frustrating work, i was able to put it back in with the only downsides being that the picture of the USB connector is gone, and that i don't trust its waterproof abilities anymore. I also cannot wait for either KitKat or a root method so i can squeeze even more out of this phone!
  3. LuvMusic

    LuvMusic VIP Member VIP Member

    Yeah, I've read that is a common problem with the Body Glove cases. I got the Tech 21 Tactical case and its worked out pretty well. The only complaint I have with it is that it covers the magnetic charging port. I found another non-TMo offered case through this link: Where can you buy Xperia Z1S accessories? - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    I got the case in black and it fits fine and exposes the magnetic charging port. It's thicker than the Tactical case though and doesn't seem to offer the same amount of protection. Guess I'm too picky! :p

    Check this link to get a replacement for your USB cover!

    Xperia Z1S USB Replacement Cover - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    Thanks for checking in!
  4. kendelrk

    kendelrk Member

    Thanks for the information regarding the USB cover, i have one on its way! as far as cases go, im not sure what ill do yet, all i know is that i hate the fact that this case is peeling, and also when i take pictures with flash it washes over into my photos, sort of sad.

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