z4 root or superone click don't work

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  1. clauser31589

    clauser31589 New Member

    I've been trying to root this citrus from verizon with no luck. Maybe someone can help me out believe me i have researched for 2 day's before asking. The superoneclick just leaves me in "waiting for device". I have even left it plugged in for hour's and nothing. Then i tried the z4root. I couldn't find it in the market so i copied it over to the sd card but when i use astro to download it it won't let me. I click on it then it opens into 6 more files does anyone know what to do i have rooted other android phones and never had these problems.

  2. mrbuilder

    mrbuilder Member

    Did you have any luck? I'm supposed to root a Citrus for a friend of mine and would like to know if it's still possible to root it.

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