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z4 wont root netflix wont run on 3gspot

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  1. Cruzrock

    Cruzrock Well-Known Member

    Can anyone help ... I have a new used tab. I got the netflix working the 1.3 posted here. but it wont work when used with the 3ghot spot on my droidx. although the app will run that is installed on my phone for netflix. I just want to use the bigger 7 inch screen. I get an error.

    also, i have used z4root on my droidx before when i had froyo. i used it to root my galaxy tab 7 verizon ... not connected with data plan ... using wifi only. after i took the update from verizon it wont root again? Now that I think about it, I guess thats why the hot spot wont work ... no root!?!

    so can anyone help with that ???


  2. Cruzrock

    Cruzrock Well-Known Member

    Ok ... I found the one click and drivers for root on my tab. got that running ... but that still doesnt explain why netflix wont run on my teather. Please help with this if anyone can.

    Thank you

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