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Z4Root easy root works for citrus

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  1. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    z4root works on citrus not designed for it but it works

    Code (Text):
    1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=833953l
    i used permanent root but temporary root may work as well leave a comment if you try temp root and it works.

  2. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    Here is the link to the dev site for Z4


    I am making this sticky becasue it worked great

    Great post and glad it works
  3. dweasel

    dweasel New Member

    Can anyone tell me once they rooted their citrus what roms they are running, possibly some screen shots. Any new info would be helpful.
  4. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    im just using the stock rom but i cleared everything off of the stock home screen and now i use adw launcher. runs great as long as i keep the memory clean.

    if you still want screen shots of it let me know
  5. luckman212

    luckman212 Member

    hey guys, i just got this moto citrus. phone is 1/2way decent but of course very slow. i want to kill off any garbage preloaded apps & background crap that VZ installs (bing, vz nav, etc etc) and just run bare bones.

    is z4 working ok for this thing? anything i need to know? i never owned a droid device before (had iphone3gs) so its all new to me. dont want to brick the fone on its 1st day.

    also is there any way to install froyo on this thing??
  6. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    z4root works great on citrus

    no roms yet to so no froyo
  7. zodiackid

    zodiackid New Member

    how can you tell if the phone root worked? newbie here
  8. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    superuser app will be on the phone its the android character with crossbones
  9. luckman212

    luckman212 Member

    can I kill "Motorola Services" and "ContactsUnconnected" ?? trying to kill off anything I dont need, man this phone is sloooooooooow
  10. bpage01

    bpage01 Member

    try it if it screws up just restart the phone
  11. lissababy

    lissababy New Member

    I have this piece of crap moto citrus waiting on my fascinate to get back from being fixed from a broken screen. Well I got bored and rooted it with z4root and it was running great! Well I got a little carried away and tryed changing the fonts on it. Long story short it never turned on after it said it needed to reboot. I've been stuck in this reboot loop for going on 2 days straight. SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS THIS CRAP PLEASSSEEEEE

    I NEED A PHONE & I HAVE TO HAVE IT BACK TO NORMAL OR I'LL BE PAYING $140 SOMETHIN EXTRA ON MY PHONE BILL! Anybody with ideas please help. It keeps saying I need a update.zip to update it but I've downloaded like 8070707079687586576576 times & same shit.
  12. secondfate

    secondfate New Member

    I tried the temporary root and it appears to be working swell
  13. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    Is this root working perfectly with themes?
  14. JohnUtah

    JohnUtah New Member

    Can some please explain what this does. Will it give you FroYo or do you need something else to upgrade after you root it?

    This is for the moto citrus
  15. clauser31589

    clauser31589 New Member

    i copied the z4 root over to sd but now it wont let me open the z4 root as an app instead it open's into 6 files and i can do anything. any help would be appreciated
  16. ikadeo

    ikadeo New Member

    It just keeps telling me to turn on debugging, but it's already on. Help?

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