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  1. stevo1210

    stevo1210 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just got the galaxy note here as a birthday present last month. It's the i9220 international version (3G) and I have a question to do with the screen protector! I've been an avid user of Belkin and Wrapsol dry screen protectors and decided to give the Zagg a try. I applied it and all went well but I can't get used to this orange peel effect it has. So I wanted to know... is it possible to remove this zagg and stick it back onto the sticker paper it came with and reuse it on someone else's note if they want it?


  2. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    I doubt it unless you don't care about bubbles.

    I had a zagg, it was terrible. I love them for any thing other than the note, but the S pen messed up the screen film and it looked terrible.

    Here is an actual answer to your question. The guys at zagg will warranty your film. You should be able to send it in and they will send you a brand new one and you can sell it to a friend.
  3. edlps

    edlps Member

    I had a Zagg on my note and hated it, too sticky and the s pen made marks, i bought an Otter Box which is excellent and used their protector which works amazing.
  4. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    I learnt many years ago that screen protectors are a waste of time. You get your new shiny phone, peel of the transit film and appreciate the newness. You spend a few days playing around and then decide to purchase a case. You spend ages deliberating over what type of case to get, what style, colour, design, all that stuff and finally choose one. It arrives in the post a few days later with 3 "free" screen protectors. They give you 3 because you will waste 2 trying to apply them without bubbles! :D
    Once you have one on, you feel happy that your screen is now scratch resistant. As the weeks wear on, the screen protector becomes scuffed and damaged and you pat yourself on the back, convincing yourself that you have saved your screen. RUBBISH!!! The screen is made of glass, not plastic.... it is infinately more scratch resistant than a soft film of plastic stuck to the surface. After 12 months, you get bored of looking at the tatty film and peering through the grime that has embedded itself into the film. You decide to go for it and replace the film, You peel the old scratched, filthy protector off to reveal an amazing screen underneath. Again you pat your self on the back, happy that the protector has done it's job WRONG!! The screen has always been like that and would have been a delight to use over the past year had you not stuck that rubbish onto the display 12 months ago!!
    In almost 3 years of large screen Android devices, I can honestly say, the devices are pretty tough these days, you don't need a screen protector, it dilutes the experience IMHO. It's better to just be aware of where your phone is. Don't put it in your pocket with change, or in a bag with car keys. Don't place it face down, Don't drop it, don't let it bounce around in glove boxes or car interiors. And probably.... most importantly..... enjoy your phone the way it was intended. Screen on full brightness, colours popping. Let it breathe and work how it was intended. Don't wrap it in an ugly cover and slap a display killing screen protector over the top of it. It only needs to last 24 months....then you'll get a shiny new one anyway ;)

    Hope that helps :D
  5. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    Being a welder, I'm not sure I want to chance it with all the abrasive particulates I get in my fingertips. Imagine grinder disc grit and steel rubbing on the screen when I want to see who sent me a text. For me at least, I'll wait a while before I go naked.
  6. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    Wow you must have used super cheap screen protectors in the past. The current stuff doesn't wear easily o, looks great, and is cheap protection for such an expensive screen and device.
  7. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    That may be true but the experience was rubbish so I've never used one since. Guess what.... My screen has been brilliant without one. Just look after them :D
    Also, as an aside, I've never seen a phone with a screen protector on it that looked good. You can spot them a mile off and they cheapen the look of the phone as well as shouting "I can't be trusted with my phone" ;)
    The guy who works in a gritty environment... that's the only actual practical reason I have ever heard for having a protector, all the other reasons....not so sure. Maybe people who wrap their stuff in cotton wool, were also once wrapped in the same stuff instead of getting out there and climbing trees, falling off of bicycles, scuffing knees, trapping fingers in doors and playing rugby once in a while ;)
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  8. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    It really depends on whether you use the s-pen or not. My first Note I bought in July, I had a screen protector on for a month. And then I read someone's post similar to yours, saying that the glass is much more scratch resistant than a screen protector. So I took it off and tried it for two months. And after only two months, there are a couple of scratches, which I believe were created by extensively using the s-pen. In September, the Note got stolen, of course I was really mad, but I was also kind of happy at the same time because I'll get a phone with a brand new screen. Shortly after that, I got another Note, and I've been using a screen protector ever since.
  9. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry but how can plastic scratch glass?
  10. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    I'd say higher screen pressure per square inch using the S pen, coupled with microscopic dust particles. I live in a notoriously dusty area. I can see it happening. We have 5 sawmills in our town and it is semi arid. It gets gross when we don't get rain for a while. Everything gets dusty. Dust can contain abrasives.
  11. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    I don't know but my first Note had at least 3 visible scratches from not using the screen protector, and my phone doesn't share jeans pocket with coins/keys/etc. I use my s pen a lot and I'm pretty sure it was from the stylus.
  12. Vipfreak

    Vipfreak Well-Known Member

    I've never been a really big fan of screen protectors, but at the same time I am NOT a fan of scratches. I'm careful with my devices, but my luck some how I'll scratch it and I'm not willing to have that happen shortly after spending $500 (out of contract).
  13. fairycorpse

    fairycorpse Active Member

    I just ordered two different ones. I had some from ebay which were to cheaply made. I had issues with the stylus working so I took the protectors off & found rub marks from writing so much with stylus. I prefer writing with the stylus. I've ordered a different brand. ..what I hope to be better sp 's. We'll see.

    Last ones only lasted a month each.
  14. RetiredCPO

    RetiredCPO Member

    I've had my Zagg installed since day one and I can honestly say that I'm very, very happy with it. I also have them installed on my kids cell phones and they love them also. Maybe we are just simple, basic people who don't know any better.
  15. Galaxynote_guy

    Galaxynote_guy Well-Known Member

    Took delivery of a Nexus 7 today.... you guys would have kittens looking at that screen, all new and shiny lol :D
  16. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    The stylus alone will NEVER EVER scratch the screen. The day that you can get that to happen you will have defied physics.

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