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Zeam Launcher: best home launcher for anyone stuck on 1.5

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  1. kschumake83

    kschumake83 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 14, 2010
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    this has to be the best home launcher for anyone still stuck on 1.5 and I bet it is still one of the better ones on 2.1. it gets updated every other day or so and is always vastly improving. you can have up to 9 homescreens running and its still quicker than my motoblur home with only 5 on it. it can get a little bit buggy sometimes and force close but its minor. the new app launcher dock is great you can put your most used apps in the menu bar. you can also get rid of the notification bar, makes the screen seem so much bigger and it comes back when you press the menu key. all in all its just a really good app that will only get better because the developer keeps updating it.


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