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Zedge / Default sound notificationsSupport

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  1. jreed1337

    jreed1337 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a problem with my HTC Sensation 4g.

    I have Zedge, and use various sound files from it for my notifications and my alarms.

    I accidentally hit the check box that says "set as default choice" or whatever it says exactly when setting a ring tone for my SMS.

    Now I can no longer access my Zedge sound files when I try to set a sound for my wake up alarm, only the phones default sounds.

    I searched on here and found the instructions to go to Settings - Apps - Android System - and clear defaults. The problem I am having is that the button is grayed out and I am unable to select this option and return it to defaults.

    I did a test with my camera and its default location (set it on purpose) and then went into the app settings and sure enough, the clear defaults button was not grayed out and I was able to reset them.

    Any idea why the default button for the Android System will not let me reset it? Is there some other place that I reset the sound settings?

    Thank you!

  2. jreed1337

    jreed1337 New Member

    i found a simple solution.

    i downloaded and app called "cleardefault." took care of everything in about 2 seconds.

    Hope this can help someone else out!

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