Zenithink and SwiFTPSupport

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  1. keezdawg

    keezdawg Member

    I can pretty much figure this out on my own but I guess I'm starting this post out for people to have easy access to their Android.

    So I want to copy files to my Zenithink ePad running Android 2.1. If I install SwiFTP am I able to connect to my device via my desktop and copy files to my MicroSD Card? It would be the easiest way to transfer files without constantly having to unmount my MicroSD card to copy new pictures, songs, APK's, etc.

  2. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    That should work fine... I've been using this one;

    FTPServer v1.7.1 Application for Android | Tools

    and it works great...

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