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  1. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I got it from jiongtang shop for $180 US. It was the first round, so it is probably pre-production. How can you tell? If you go to ??????? ZT-180|Android|MID|????|????? - Powered by Discuz! you will find lots of people who have it already and brought it from the local market.

    Let me know if there is anything you want to check?

  2. Wickedkortex

    Wickedkortex Member

    ok. i have ordered here Wholesale-Strong Epad Tablet PC 10 inch Android 2.1 1GHz 256MB Mid UMPC Wifi HD Film
    Products Status:Stockbut im not so happy when i get a prototype :(
  3. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    icurafu - I am interested in a few features of the tablet and current software on android. i have never used android at all (not even on a phone) so i dont know what the apps are like. can you check some of these things for me? (and the tablet/android enthusiasts on the internet :)

    1. measure realistic battery life under general usages (PDF reading, web/email usage, video playing, music playing)
    2. what are display brightness controls like? I am interested in using the screen at a minimal brightness to not distract others when sitting in meetings. i guess i'm asking, how discreet can the device be? does the screen glow make it stick out or can it be set down low and still be usable? also how does screen brightness affect battery life?
    3. what is the PDF software on android like? can you open and "edit" pdfs on it? by edit I mean, can you highlight text, add notes to pdfs etc. like you can with FoxIt Reader on WinX platforms?

    also i am wondering, is there any android emulators out there that i could run android OS under Win7 and get some apps and check them out?
  4. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    LCD brightness is the major contributor to battery life. You have a slider in setting that goes from very bright to very dull.

    I'll test the battery life some tonight, but it wont be exhaustive.

    PDFs are fairly standard. No editing and very minimal controls such as expand to width or height. I'll have a look for some more PDF readers, because this is the main reason I brought mine.
  5. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member


    I would be VERY surprised if you can EDIT a PDF, that pretty proprietary information and has some stff overhead. If you just want to highlight text that probably could be available.

    there is an Android LIVECD floating around of version 1.6. I have the ISO loaded here on my work desktop as a virtual machine in Virtualbox, and have tried the same thing at home in linux and windows.

    check here:

    live-android - Project Hosting on Google Code
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  6. Laharl

    Laharl Well-Known Member

    First post is a link to pre-order the tablet.
  7. onyx024

    onyx024 Member

    icurafu- U siad u actually have one of these. Out of the box did everything work in terms of Android Market, Gmail, ect.. Just basic functions working okay? and none of it was in chiness was it? Im about to order one and just wanted some feed back on it thanks
  8. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    google services such as news, gmail rss, yes... market place, no. Like most tablets, at this stage you will need to use one of the alternatives.

    All in English. Actually, it is kinda funny. Chinese users were complaining about the WinCE firmware showing Chinese chars as squares in some menus, so it seems they are targeting a primary English firmware.

    Compatibility is ok. There are plenty of apps I load that don't work. But I think a few more work than my SmartQ V7. Annoyingly it does not full screen apps as often as the V7. The accelerometer works great for auto rotate, but unusable for games.

    I'm happy to answer any other questions. I'm really glad that the Android firmware has improved things. But still there are bugs, so this isn't perfection. I've been resetting my zt180 atleast once every 40 minutes due to crashes when loading apps... some take it to a black screen of death. Hopefully compatability will fix this.
  9. hipditch

    hipditch Member

    Yeah I am really hoping compatibility will deal with this. Especially where I don't know exactly what I am getting. I guess I will have to see within a few weeks.

    I have a good feeling about the development around this tablet. I think a lot will be done from a developers stand point to get this thing running smooth over time.
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  10. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I'm having a good feeling as well. This is a well done firmware for completely fresh silicon. And the performance of browsing is better than anything I've seen on a MID.

    From another forum, I heard that Android marketplace works, so I'll have to hunt down the APK file and give it a go.

    I've posted a list of bugs I found in the jiongtang forums.
  11. onyx024

    onyx024 Member

    I order mine today should be reciving it late next week atleast i hope... Ill start posting my finding as they come.

    Does the wifi work okay? no signal issue at all? as far as it being week. Does it support multi touch? how about flash even though i know it native to 2.2 so i doubt it.

    What im confused about is there a website or some fourms i should be keeping watch on for updates? This is my first tablet so kind of new to this but im great with working with the android phones.

    Thanks for the heads up on everything..
  12. jameskelsey

    jameskelsey Member

    icurafu,I'm looking for a 10" android tablet for my mother to use as a e-reader with the Kindle app. This looks promising, do you know if font size is adjustable on these or any others? Or is any font adjustment controlled by the apps?
  13. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Can you point me to the kindle app? I'll check it out.

    Kindles are great for ebooks because they have e-ink screens. much nicer on the eyes for lots of reading.
  14. jameskelsey

    jameskelsey Member

    It's a featured app in the Android Market.
    The kindle is nice and the price on a new one dropped to $139 but my mom is 75 and it's a little small. The DX is $379 at 9.7"
  15. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member


    Step 1, get Android market place working.

    Step 2, install Kindle.

    You can atleast increase the find on the user interface, and you can bring faviout apps to the home screen to make it easier for someone who does not want to bother with menus.
  16. Shenson

    Shenson New Member

    I've just ordered this tablet and should receive it next week.

    @icurafu can you please confirm how is WiFi working (does it have a good range?) and how the keyboard looks like and if it's efficient for typing i.e. MSN or I will need an external keyboard for messengers?
  17. Wickedkortex

    Wickedkortex Member

  18. Wickedkortex

    Wickedkortex Member

    @ All

    do you think Zenithink
    will update the software via OTA?
    Or its better to wait until merimobiles has the finished version?
  19. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Mine is a different Android. Looks similar, but no dot indicators for the selected screen and English by default.

    I compared my benchmark results against a sample version and the CPU scores have been vastly improved on mine. So has the filesystem and memory card by a smaller margin. The graphics rating is decreased slightly.

    I'll compare version when I get back, but the version in that URL is from the 8th of July. Mine was new when they sent it out on Monday. So it has top be atleast the 20s.
  20. Laharl

    Laharl Well-Known Member

    They wont do OTA because it doesn't have 3G access so they might relase it online.
  21. Wickedkortex

    Wickedkortex Member

    oh ok sorry thats right.
    online?! whether they make this really, i
  22. vfastbear

    vfastbear Member

    OK, I have my hands on one, just in from China,
    Its a great new machine, much more responsive than my M003, it in a totally different league, but I can`t get my Wi-Fi to hook up, It finds my wireless router just fine reports a strong signal but wont lock in and then reports no signal and thats it. Might be a problem here, but I`m no expert, I will try playing around with it a bit ( I`ve got it on my cable network which is ok )
    I did what I did with my M003 to connect the wi-fi, and my M003 locked in immediately.
    Anybody with any ideas.... please let me know !.
  23. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    mine works with WPA2 AES encryption with a shared secret.
  24. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

  25. vfastbear

    vfastbear Member

    OK, Using WPA/WPA2 ( and a different router ) have now got a signal and link.
    The range inside before the signal failed was around 10m, moving back into range it did not automatically find the wi-fi again, I had to turn in the Wi-Fi settings, the top entry " Wi_Fi" off and on again, and then it linked up again.
    ( So thats a relief !! )
    ( Still playing with this new device )

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