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Zenithink ZT-180 Gaming :)General

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  1. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I made this video showing what the ePAD can do in terms of 3D performance. I hope you all enjoy.

    If I get a positive response I'll do a longer video with several games that work well. And improve the lighting a little.

    YouTube - Zenithink ZT-180 Running Wave Blazer game

  2. trimpcs

    trimpcs Member

    Thanks for that. It installed on mine but I could not get past the start menu.
    I am using 0818 whi ch seems the best build yet.

    Could you let us know the version you used and also the build number of your pad?
    Thanks and more good games please.:):):)
  3. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I'm using 0818 as well. I just tried then and it changed to only displaying to half the screen. With the touch being disjoint. I'll follow back to my config changes to see what made it unplayable.

    EDIT: try switching your screen to 4x4 icons for the desktop. This fixed it for me, and allows me to play a lot more games. For some reason increasing the desktop icons amount also changes the frame-buffer that games write to. Strange one.
  4. filippide

    filippide New Member

    icurafu and trimpcs ..
    I'm new here '.
    I wanted advice on where to buy a zenithink with the rom update, maybe to 0818 ...
    I read about all the problems that are out there to upgrade rom ...
    Also ask what programs also run regularly on this tablet.
    I recommend it?
    In which shop to buy?
    many thanks
  5. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    When I ordered another M16 from ************.com for my friend recently I asked them to put ROM 0804 on for me which they did. I'm sure they will have 0818 if that's the one you want on there. No harm in asking :)
  6. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    I read alot of good things on this tablet but where are the android buttons
  7. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    you get back button on the front. It's the big button that apple products seem to use.

    The other two main buttons (Menu and the switcher) are the volume up and down. You're probably wondering where the hardware volume control is; well it does not exist. You need to use the menu controls. Which sucks when a game starts up with no access to the top pane (where there is a quick volume up and down soft button) and automatically turns the volume up to max. (look at you retro defense) :(

    Hope this has been helpful.

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