Zerolemon vs Hyperion HELPTips

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  1. UscTheGamer

    UscTheGamer New Member

    Hello so today I was planning to order a extended battery for my s4. ZeroLemon has a 7500 mah battery for $39.99 on Amazon But hyperion has a the exact same thing for $29.99. If I get the hyperion I could buy the ZeroLemon shock proof case for $19.99 but if I get the ZeroLemon I would have to pay more than I would with them than hyperion. What should I do and what battery is better?
    Hyperion 7500
    ZeroLemon 7500
    ZeroLemon Case

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    I've never run tests on either one so I can't tell you which is better, but I've bought from Hyperion and I've never been sorry.

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