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  1. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    I searched the web, I asked Mr. Google, I tried and failed.

    What the HELL is the Kyocera Update Tool and how is it used? I recieved several answers about this from their support people, and I just have a burning need to know.

    I was told by a member of a particular forum devoted to Android that when an update is released it will be pushed to my phone. Another person told me I need to Root my phone and install this or that. Another person told me that Rootong is to be done only by my dealer, another told me that Criuket is not planning a release of Froydo. I was told that the Zio is not n android phone.

    Any legitimate info, anyone?

  2. timtek

    timtek Member

    I don't know what the update tool is but the zio is indeed an android phone. Cricket has implied that they will be updating the os but I don't think they ever said if it was gonna be to froyo. The zio currently runs 1.6 so they might just be upgrading to 2.0. You can root the phone yourself, it has been done by one of the members of this forum. He used the one click rooting app I believe. I highly doubt cricket or any other carrier will root your phone for you.
  3. jcaf77

    jcaf77 Member

    kyocera has stated the 2.1 update is going to come out until early 2011 :(
  4. kahale

    kahale Well-Known Member

    would be cool if someone could rip the 2.1 rom off of sprints zio version as it has 2.1 installed.
  5. sors

    sors New Member

    I heard the sprint zio will have 2.2. But either way it'd be cool if we could rip the sprint version.
  6. wwwilly1986

    wwwilly1986 Member

  7. tjhand

    tjhand New Member

    So does the Cricket Sanyo Zio update to OS Ver 2.1?
  8. blazedd

    blazedd Member

    Kyocera has told me February. Also using a Sprint ROM will brick your phone OR if you do get it booted it won't be able to communicate back to Cricket.
  9. Z3r0t0l0rEnCe

    Z3r0t0l0rEnCe Member

  10. tmarr

    tmarr Well-Known Member

    Found the email about the ZIO coming out with 2.2.

  11. ajwmedia

    ajwmedia Member

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