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  1. TheByteSmasher

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    Since I am a registered Flashaholic, I find it very tedious to constantly copy my custom ringtones, notifications and alarms back into my System directory, set the appropriate permissions and reboot after each new ROM. I could leave them on my virtual SD card, but I think they play nicer with all apps when copied into the System Directory.

    I have linked the Zip files I created. They were specifically created for the Nexus 4 (N4) (has ringtones) and Nexus 7 (N7) (no ringtones), but if your phone or tablet has the following directory structure: System/Media/Audio/XXX (<--- Where XXX is either alarms, notifications or ringtones), Then these might work for you too.

    Additionally I have added new Zips for the N7 & N4 to allow for system files to be flashed. Already in the ZIP are ADOBE FLASH (Installed as a user app) and the Stock ICS browser (Not Chrome), which can play flash files in Jelly Bean. Remove them if you don't want them.

    These zip files have some sample stuff already in them.... ... ... OK... They're my ringtones/notifications/alarms. I made them or kanged some of them... ... (Don't Judge! :p ).

    To use your own sounds (.ogg is recommended but .mp3 will work too) just

    • Download the desired file(s) to your computer.
    • Modify the zip files for your sounds.
    • -To modify:
    • ------Open the .zip with an archive program (7zip, WinRAR etc) and dig down the archive to:
    • system/media/audio/
    • ------Open the folder for the type of sound you want to add and copy in your sounds and/or remove existing sounds.
    • ------Save the zip file. Often this is automagically done by the archiver
    • Ensure you have the latest TWRP or CWM Recovery installed.
    • Copy .zip to your SD card
    • Flash zip file in Recovery

    I usually keep the Sounds zip, Franco's latest kernel zip and Misledz's Nexus Louder in a separate folder on my SD card, when I flash a new ROM I line up gapps and these in Goo Manager and I'm nearly all set up! Best of all, when I dirty flash my next AOKP nightly all my sounds stay the way I set them, ringtones, notifications and alarms!

    Download Links are Below.


    Have Fun!

    N4 System Sounds

    N4 System Apps and Adobe Flash

    N7 System Sounds

    N7 System Apps and Adobe Flash

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    Moved to ATR section :)
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    Thanks.. I'm new to this Forum... Used to XDA. :eek:
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    I like the law and order notification :)
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    I made that one from the TV... glad you like it!

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