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  1. mkampy

    mkampy Well-Known Member

    Hello, I was using the Google maps as a live wallpaper, when I zoomed in on my location. How can I zoom back out?

  2. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Well-Known Member

    good question

  3. jdrogan

    jdrogan New Member

    Pinch zoom. It's a little tricky but works. Some people have better luck with both thumbs. Beats re-loading it.
  4. Ripperoo

    Ripperoo New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but the answer may help other experiencing the same problem.

    Just posted this on the HTC forums relating to the HTC Deire, but should worrk for othe rhandsets too


    The following can be done on a populated screen, but is easier to do this on an empty screen if possible.

    Zoom-In = Double-Tap Screen (You know that tho', right?):p

    Zoom-Out = Touch the screen with one finger/thumb, then quickly single-tap the screen.

    Et voila, zoomed out!

    May take a bit of practice as the 'Add To Home' menu pops up if you press and hold the screen, but it does work if you do it correctly.

    I actually just discovered this after messing around with the handset for a couple of days after having the same problem and couldn't find a solution anywhere.

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  5. mitchgig

    mitchgig New Member

    re; ripperoo, i had the same problem/bug. i zoomed way in on my google maps wallpaper and it got stuck there, covered an area of maybe 1/4 mi. by 1/4 mi. pretty good close up but i didnt want that- wanted it back to the bigger area. you're supposed to to tap or double tap to zoom in or zoom out. but it wasn't working . then a reply said to do it quickly which didn't work(by the way i had tried tons of differant ways earlier). so what i did was was held one finger(right index) on the map screen and tapped screen with another finger(left index)(dont think it matters which fingers) it just needs that one finger on and a tap with another. i'm also guessing that this may work with any other similiar bugs. hope this helps, good luck, mitch.;)
  6. mitchgig

    mitchgig New Member

    also it seems to me maps wallpaper does update as you move around the area/city. it appears to me that it goes by not gps but cell towers. as when i'm at my home base it locates it not where i'm at but at a spot where a cell tower is at-and sure enough theres a cell tower there, where as my gps units get me right at home. its slower than gps but remember it's just a wallpaper, its just for fun background- but pretty good at that. thanks,mitch.
  7. HeyITried

    HeyITried New Member

    I have had some luck by double tapping with 2 fingers at once (slightly separated).
  8. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    For my Amaze (Sense 3.0), touch-hold with one finger, then another. Zooms out one If the "select which home screen" comes on, just keep the first finger on and tap again with the second. The live wallpaper will continue to zoom out.

    Unfortunately this doesn't work with the Lock Screen. Can't have everything!

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