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  1. SaBReT00tH

    SaBReT00tH New Member

    Every time I change my wallpaper the setting seems to zeem into the middle of the wallpaper and select this as my wallpaper for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this? I just want to make a fullscreen pic a fullscreen wallpaper.

  2. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    It might be helpful if you let us know some more information. Such as, what kind of phone? Is this a wallpaper that you've found using your phone such as from an app like Mabilo or Zedge? If it is from your computer, are you sure you sized it appropriately for your resolution? I have an Eris, and it should be 640 x 480 for the best wallpaper. Your phone may vary. Either way, when you are viewing the picture on your phone to set it as your wallpaper, there should be a colored(mine is orange)box that is around part of the picture. You can change this by touching the edges of the box and using it to expand over the wallpaper. If it was sized correctly, then it should encompass the whole picture when you are done, and then once you set it, it should work fine. Hope this helps...
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  3. Casemantwo

    Casemantwo Well-Known Member

    I have the same thing happen with my droid. I take the pic and it looks great in the gallery and as soon as I put it as the background it get zoomed in.

    I figured out what you ment and and it works great!

    Thank you!
  4. Digitalevil

    Digitalevil Active Member

    Zoomed WP here too ... :(

    Milestone Android 2.1
  5. Digitalevil

    Digitalevil Active Member

    I just figured out ... you have to drag the box line and cover the whole image ... that's it
  6. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I could've been more clear here, though I did spell it out pretty completely.
  7. Casemantwo

    Casemantwo Well-Known Member


    thats funny.
  8. InstantKarma

    InstantKarma Well-Known Member

  9. jenyroger

    jenyroger New Member

    If you want to zoomed your themes there are lots of option are available on wall paper you have to use only the box-line and images which can you created them .

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