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  1. nijiag

    nijiag New Member

    Hello guys I'm reading this forum since a long time and now i've decided to subscribe cause i've bought my first android phone and now im part of the family. As a little gift to you I've written a review about it i hope it will be useful since is not a big brand phone many may not even know that it exist. You may find it a little bit strange that i've bought a chinese phone as my first android phone: well i needed badly a dualsim, a friend of mine showed this to me and i fell in love with it and so i did it. The phone i'm talking about is the

    ZOPO ZP100
    i’ve bought it some days ago and I must say that I’m actually very impressed by the way it performs. This is a “made in china phone”. To someone this could bring to mind the idea of a slow and cheap product we are used to see on the web by now but this is really not the case. This is not some slow iphone wannabe, this phone can stand on his legs and can do it quite well. It’s based on the Mediatek MTK6575 chipset. This means it has:
    RAM 512 MB - ROM 4 GB
    CPU: Cortex A9 @ 1Ghz GPU: SGX531T
    Screen 4.3’’ resolution 960 X 540 5 fingers capacitive multitouch.
    WI-FI 802
    Bluetooth 2.0
    3G/2G Dual Simm
    5 Mpx rear Camera with flash led and front 0.3 mpx camera
    Light sensor, proximty sensor, compass, accelerometer, Fm Radio.
    Andoid ICS 4.0.3 ( rootable )

    The package is a carton box, well made and strong enough to give a good protection during the shipping. In the box there are a manual and the warranty ( in chinese but if you already know android you mostly won’t need them ) some earphones, a microusb cable, and a charger. Here in this picture I’ve found on the web you can see what the full package include:
    It’s a 4.3 inches with a 960x540 resolution. I find it quite amazing probably the most outstanding part of the phone. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio so it’s quite good both for movies and for surfing the web. As I said the screen is amazing, it’s hard to believe that this is a 200 euros phone, and it’s even cheaper in china. It may not be a retina display but you cant absolutely see the single pixels with your naked eyes. The backlighting is good and make the screen good even in the open during a sunny day. I cant say if it’s glass or plastic.
    It keeps up quite good even with a lot of apps installed. I haven’t experienced a single lag or stuck until now. The Cortex A9 is a quite good cpu and it can play even mkv at 1080p. The boot is quite fast. I’ve tried a couplo of Benchmarks.
    Antutu score: 3441
    Quadrant score: 2601
    It means that the zopo is faster than phones like Samsung Galaxy S or Iphone 4
    it’s a 5mpx camera, it has autofocus and flash led. Can record 720p videos and the quality is above average, I find it ok. This is a video I found on the web:
    Zopo Zp100 Test Video - YouTube
    Zopo Zp100 Test Video 2- YouTube
    To me it’s good. The calling quality is good, I’ve never experienced problems during phonecalls. The quality of external speaker and earphones are good both during calls or reproducing music ( it has just a bit of distortion at loudest volume ).
    It’s ICS, you should already know it. On this phone i find it quite stable and performing. Not a single problem, not a single reboot so far. There are no brandings except for the boot animation and a couple of Chinese apps you can install at your will. It comes not rooted but you can root it in a quite simple way, with a procedure directly explained by zopo: you just need to plug the phone to your pc, launch a specific software, wait a couple of minutes and the phone is rooted. On the brand new ICS installation there’s a market compatibility issue with a certain number of applications but it has already been solved with a fix.
    Just like many chinese phonese this is a dual sim phone. It’s a DSDS: this means that the two sim are online simultaneously bur while you are calling with one you can’t be called on the other one. A noticeable thing is that when you are surfing the web using 3G with one sim you can receive incoming calls on both the sims. Only one Sim can be set on 3G at a time: you can select wich one to activate 3G on without fisically swap the two sim, just entering an ICS menu, simple as that.
    I’ve tryed it for more than 100km by now and it works quite good. It’s fast to start up in the open and it never loses the signal, at least it hasn’t during all the tests I’ve done.
    It’s a 1650 mah and it’s life it’s average with all of the smartphones, I’ve no complains with the battery life. It works barely a day under intensive usage, it can stand two or three days under light usage.
    It’s quite good. Not a single problem so far. It keeps the signal well even moving far from the router. It always stay connected and works well. Once again no complains.
    The phone is quite light. It looks almost identical to the HTC Evo 3D but the position of the 3.5mm jack and the on/off button are swapped, that means that you can’t use the HTC covers on this device, or at least you can do that but they are not fully compatible. The device size is 125 x 65 x 12 mm. To be honest the back cover looks a little too weak and this is, by now, the only thing I think it should be improved. The screen seems to be polycarbonate and not real glasses ( you decide if this is good or bad ) but I can’t swear on it.
    The four capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screen have a good sensibility and are backlighted. I’ve found these pictures on the web of an opened zopo, so you can see by yourself how it’s done inside
    Zopo is a new brand to me. The phone has basically the same carachteristics of the others MTK6575 but the good thing about this one is the support the zopo is giving to his phone They have an official website, an official forum ( it’s in Chinese ) , you can find the official roms, the official rooting software, I’ve never seen anything like that with a Chinese phone ( if you don’t consider big brands like huawei or miui ). To my personal opinion all these facts put the Zopo above the others MTK6575 phones you can find around.
    Chinese price is about 200 $ but another good thing by Zopo is that they’ve put on an European website and an European shop, so basically you can buy it from their european site and they’ll send it to you directly from Europe, so you’ll bypass all the usual problems related to an international shipment from china. That’s another big deal to me.


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  2. nijiag

    nijiag New Member

    there's a known problem with the market with the original software that i've already managed to fix following some instructions i've found on the web, if you're experiencing the same problem and need help just ask.
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  3. rprato

    rprato New Member

    Hello Nijiag,

    I noticed problems with the camera flash. I considered it too weak , and it is impossible to get good pictures at night. Please let me know how looks like your camera flash.
  4. nijiag

    nijiag New Member

    i've heard the same thing by other people but i've never taken pictures at night so i cant confirm or deny. If i keep it in mind tonight i may give it a try.
  5. gregfilip

    gregfilip New Member

    Hello Nijiag,

    Nice review. I am considering buying a Zopo ZP-100 myself. How do I find out the Zopo European shop? Do you have a URL from them?

  6. Cluel3ss

    Cluel3ss New Member

    Hi and thanks for the review. Ibought one of these and other than low-light photos it works very well. I would love to use maps as well, can you please post the link to the instructions on how to resolve the markef incompatibility issue?
  7. blizzhard

    blizzhard New Member

    Any chance you can link the specific software to get it rooted? I just got it and it's an awesome phone.

    Also, can it be upgraded to run Jelly Bean? If so, how?
  8. clu3less

    clu3less Member

  9. blizzhard

    blizzhard New Member

    thanks man!
  10. cliff maarten

    cliff maarten New Member

  11. clu3less

    clu3less Member


    you need to root the device and then copy the market fix file to the specified dir and check that the permissions are ok.
    Here is everything you need: http://chinamobiles.org/downloads/zap/ZP100fix.zip
    For instructions, see my previous post in this thread.
  12. aberdeentaxi

    aberdeentaxi New Member

  13. jtravel

    jtravel Member

    I have the Zopo ZP100 with 4.0.3 and keep getting the message that Google Maps is not compatible with my device.
    I have rooted and placed com.android.vending-3.5.16.apk on the device and changed the options per the instructions posted above from colonel Zaps blog.
    It still does not work.
    Anyone know what my problem is?
  14. jtravel

    jtravel Member

    Ok I was able to get Google Play working on my Zopo ZP100 with ICS
    You can find the sequence I used Here:

    You need to download all the files and then placed them on your phones SD card. Then Using ES FILE EXPLORER Move all the xml files to /etc/permissions, and change the permissions to match the graphic at the above link.
    It still did not work after doing this.
    I had to lastly go into phone settings and restore and reboot to the original factory settings and I lost all my phone settings after doing this.
    I read latter that just removing the battery and reconnecting after a min would have done the trick.
    After setting up my wifi and google account again I was able to use Google Play to download the Google Maps App to my phone.
  15. jtravel

    jtravel Member

    The Memory Configuration on my Zopo 100 is another problem Area.
    I inserted a 32 Gig SD card in the phone but none of my downloaded Apps can be saved to it.
    With or without a SD card the Phone has 2.2 Gigs of Available Ram that gets configured as SD card 1.
    MY external SD card when installed gets labled as SD card 2
    When downloading Apps I can only select between the Phones Internal Ram and SD card 1 that is also internal to phone.
    Using a APP to SD utility I can only move Apps Between Internal and SD card 1
    When I connect the phone to a PC I can see My SD card and the Internal 2.3 GB USB storage Drive.
    Anyone have a fix for this?

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