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  1. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    There's a .pdf of some real English professional instructions written by a an English native, for a ZT-180 based tablet, called the Orphan M16. I found loads of useful info I have not found elsewhere in this user guide, with some good tips which also solved some issues with another tablet I have which is not ZT-180 based.

    It's a free download so thought I'd share these to anyone tablet users at Androidforums. The free .pdf can be downloaded from here.

    They also have free downloads for the new ROM images for android 2.1 and Wince 6.0 with tools and again re-flash instructions in English.


  2. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Ouch, that's one awful unhelpful document.

    Plus the watermark is making my eyes bleed.
  3. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    M16 is an interesting model. They actually provide a larger battery to the standard ePad. Are there any other technical differences? Last time I asked in a forum, someone said, it had an assured non-fake CPU, unlike the epad. *roll-eyes*
  4. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    Wow bleeding eyes from reading :D

    Maybe you should see a doctor about that.

    I found the doc quite useful anyway and considering they just been handing it out free, it's easily a million times more useful than the totally not useful documents that have come with other Android tablets from China.

    Why do I get a strange feeling icurafu is one of the people responsible for making those unbranded tablet user guides :D

  5. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Well, goodluck with improving the manual. Hopefully it helps promote your Orphan site.

    Just as a disclaimer, JamesDroid spams slatedroid about overpriced Orphan devices very often. I was hoping androidforums wouldn't suffer the same.
  6. JamesDroid

    JamesDroid Active Member

    Not every member of a forum has dubious associations with China tablet manufacturers icurafu.

    If you don't like their free manual that's fine with me, but save your accusations for real spammers. No one gains anything from me giving a link to a tablet user guide, except anyone who downloads it and finds the info useful. I'm highly technical but still found it useful.

    What Orphan site? as far as I know they don't have a website.

    Work on your use of the word disclaimer ;)

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