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  1. axeman89008

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    I'm working on a friends ZT-180 (I'm a PC wizard but, know nothing about tablets) and, when it was given to me, when first turned on, it showed the penguin, then ANDRID_, then nothing. It only powered up with the cord plugged in, so I opened the unit up and the battery wires were cut. I reconnected the battery, wrote down the chipset info and put it back together. Now, when I power it up, it never goes past the penguin screen. I downloaded the firmware file and bought a micro SD card (with MY own $$$) and copied the proper file folder onto the card (I'm sure it's done right.) I held the big round button and the power button until my knuckles started to ache (3 minutes at least) and it never powered up. If I power up with the card in, it still freezes up at the penguin screen (cursor stops blinking 1 second after the bird appears) and, if I hold the big button while holding the power, the screen NEVER comes on. I should mention that the blue power light comes on, just not the screen. I've already got a few hours and about $15 invested in this fix and I'm getting nowhere. I've searched this whole forum and I can't find ANYONE who's pad is freezing up at the penguin screen. Everyone else seems to at least get to the ANDROID_ screen. Can anyone please help? My last post went unanswered. Thank you

  2. axeman89008

    axeman89008 Member

    Ok, here's an update. After holding the power and big button for a few seconds (the blue power light comes on immediately) I released the buttons, and, with the blue light staying on, I set the pad down. After about 4 or 5 minutes, the "e pad" screen came on and a few minutes later it went to the penguin screen and froze up again. Is this thing bricked or what. I need to know SOON. Thanks again.

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