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  1. NevUK

    NevUK New Member


    I have an e-pad thats poorly and stuck on the "ANDROID_" status and I would like an easy way to flash or get it out of this hung state, please could someone either provide step by step instructions on what to do or if you are in the UK to go over it on the phone as last time I downloaded and ran a progarm to flash it caused the blue screen of death.

    Many thanks for your hellp in this matter.


  2. Pegcity

    Pegcity Active Member

    You will need to reflash your firmware via SD card in the zt-update dir.
  3. jekelenkomo

    jekelenkomo New Member

    hello all please i need a step by step help to flash my zt-180.. please .. i'm in South Africa please help needed urgent
  4. blaw918

    blaw918 Active Member

    go to zenithink.com
    click on download
    click on zt180
    click on zt180-102
    scroll down to "
    10" ZT180-102 (512MB+4GB) Android 2.2+F MID 20110613 [​IMG]

    This version suit to barcode model "XXXX_F" version.

    click on local to download.
    unzip files. open folder and copy and paste the files to a microsd card."sd card must be formated as fat32" . name the folder on the sd card u put the files in " zt-update " without quotes.
    pluge the tablets power in
    put microsd card in tf slot
    hold the round button on face of tablet and power button same time. about 5 to 10 seconds.
    the screen should read zt-update found then it will do the rest itself

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