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ZTE Avid 4G now $79 after rebatesGeneral

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  1. RedStorm2k12

    RedStorm2k12 Active Member

    Beginning today and running till March 3, MetroPCS is offering mail-in rebates on both the recently released ZTE Avid 4G and the just released LG Spirit. The Avid 4G is eligible for a $50 rebate with activation while the Spirit will be eligible for a $70 rebate on prepaid Visa debit cards. That will bring the price of the Avid 4G to $99, while the Spirit will be $199 after rebate.

    UPDATE: MetroPCS is now offering a second rebate of $20 for Avid 4G phones purchased between February 15 to March 3, 2013. This brings the final price of the Avid 4G to $79 after both mail-in rebates. Not too shabby! The second rebate is also valid for the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G purchased during the same period which also brings its price to $79 after mail-in rebates.

    Here are the rebate forms from Metro in pdf format:



  2. darien87

    darien87 Member

    Lame. Just bought this phone about a week ago.

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