ZTE Avid 4G - Stock recovery image

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  1. kcurtis106

    kcurtis106 Well-Known Member

    Stock recovery image for ZTE Avid 4G (MetroPCS)


  2. dadcup

    dadcup Well-Known Member

    so how you flash this
  3. kcurtis106

    kcurtis106 Well-Known Member

    Probably by using the fastboot method. If that doesn't work, perhaps QPST will.
  4. dadcup

    dadcup Well-Known Member

    Ok the other day I use qpst for prl and I use ftm to flash prl 9033
  5. CarlOli

    CarlOli Member

    Is the link broken? it won't download
  6. bad karma

    bad karma Active Member

    i soft bricked my avid,im so new at this.i downloaded stock recovery image,where do i go from here?sorry fo all the questions.i gotta fix this phone.aw man any help will b highly appreciated.ty
  7. I have succeed in downloading the link. But I haven't flash it.
  8. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

    Okay, found this to be the ONLY Post with the original stock recovery image. So, if anyone can help with this, will love you forever! lol

    My issue: SOFT BRICKED
    - Able to enter into FTM & Stock Recovery
    - Unable to boot fully (MetroPCS logo and green Andy logo show up, then screen is black directly after Andy logo) At this point, if connected to PC I can hear audio chime notifying me Windows has detected a device. Computer shows drive label, yet nothing is accessible.

    How did I soft brick you may ask? Here's how:
    - Attempted to install Beats Audio on my rooted phone
    LINK = eapktop.com/beats-audio-installer-2-3-4-0.html
    - Half way through, installer says your phone will be rebooted, I tapped Okay. And Skadoosh: Soft Bricked 16GB Metro PCS ZTE Avid 4G

    Question: How to install this file/run it?! (Pretty sure a simple MicroSD adapter can get the file onto the SD card. But, what then?!

    Again, if you help; me love you long time!
  9. totlth

    totlth Well-Known Member

    If you can get into recovery, then you will want to download the entire ZTE avid 4g sdcard upgrade 304 mb
    Then rename it to update.zip
    Put it on your scarf
    Boot into recovery and apply update.zip from scarf
    You should be back to stock
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  10. totlth

    totlth Well-Known Member

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  11. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

    Liked and Thanked. Will attempt in the AM & report back. Thanks for the fast response.
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  12. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

    -ZTE_Avid_4G_SD_Card file downloaded (If anyone else needs the file, click HERE! - Uploaded by 2GigayteSD)
    - Renamed to update.zip
    - Transferred file to SD Card using PC
    - Booted into Stock recovery by holding Volume + & Power Button
    - Opted to "apply update from external storage" by using volume buttons to navigate, power button to select
    - update.zip selected by pressing power button
    - Message received: "Install from sdcard complete."
    - Opted to "reboot system now" by highlighting it using the volume buttons and used power button to select
    - Phone rebooted properly!

    Thanks again for this help! This site will be my new home for anything android as XDA fails to have anything for this phone!
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  13. jokenkil

    jokenkil Well-Known Member

    if i power off my phone and power it on while holding the volume up button and it boots into cwm recovery with the penguin stuff that means it worked right? also i can start flashing roms right?
  14. Rapture81g

    Rapture81g Well-Known Member

    don't forget jackjadamyk, I'm the one on.xda that sent u here :) yay me. lol
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  15. Rapture81g

    Rapture81g Well-Known Member

    yes jackjadamyk. it worked. but did anyone verify that the penguin cwm actually worked on making backups and recovering? last I heard it didn't work. but don't forget jackjadamyk we also have a working CWM touch Recovery :D
  16. totlth

    totlth Well-Known Member

    I have tested the penguin one, but only on external.
    We have touch
    I made a touch w/o word wrap
    I don't see any difference except the version number, but I'm gonna post it anyway.
    I have been also tweaking it to try and get some more functions working.
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  17. androidboy15

    androidboy15 Active Member

    Did u post the touch recovery u were talking about
  18. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

    Yay you! Thanks a lot for this, it REALLY helped! :)
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  19. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

    I am trying to use yours right now totlth. Unfortunately, Penguins CWM is being a pain and isn't letting me revert back to stock recovery, or stock rom :/ I'm going to try and re-install his recovery, and if that solves my issue, I'll be trying your touch version out right away! (Already on my Ext-SD) :)
  20. jackjadamyk

    jackjadamyk Member

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  21. KahunaTuna

    KahunaTuna New Member

    Is there a working link available please?
  22. Horokeu

    Horokeu New Member

    Thank you so much bro, my android was bricked, so I downloaded that file and my cellphone was reborn.
    Don't use the app "font installer", if you change the font your android is gonna die

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