zte awe root.

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  1. JrossiX

    JrossiX Well-Known Member

    cydia impactor successfully rooted my zte awe:D you can find download link at zte avail2 root? make sure you thank homeboy. i believe Misternad(hope thats right if not i apologize.)

  2. Just got the phone and i rooted it using motochopper. Couldnt figure out cydia impactor but motochopper worked perfectly. Just clicked "run.bat" and let it do its thing. Downloaded adblock plus, asked for superuser access, and works great.
  3. JrossiX

    JrossiX Well-Known Member

    That's weird I ran motochopper on it over and over but couldn't get it to write su binary and binary's method....but cool either way,right? Glad it worked for you...that cydia impactor thing was really cool and ez to use.got it from att avail 2 all things root.awesome tool but couldn't find it the next day on my laptop...just be careful cuz I started getting bold and flashed all different kinds of recoveries...now I'm boot looping and can't get out of it.cool phone great price.
  4. JrossiX

    JrossiX Well-Known Member

    Just got a new awe i guess im a have to learn to make a custom recovery....asides from you dont seem like too many picked this up....like to (i think...)deodex the oem rom?...loud fn speaker though,rite?
    BTW here is link to Cydia Impactor:http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/ Also i take no credit for this.I just love android and cant stand not having root no matter what phone it is, be it low end or high end, and anywhere inbetween...So big THANK YOU to the guys over at Avail2 all things root....thats where i stumbled upon Cydia Impactor.
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  5. Redcap

    Redcap New Member

    Cydia Impactor worked for me also, thank you for the tip!
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  6. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    on the cwm note, watch for similar phones to get cwm, msm8630 ztes havent been cracked yet that i know of but once i do it should be transferrable. i can get thr warp 4g to almost boot but it seems to hang on initialization of the screen. if soneone can come up with something for that let me know, also im going to try a newer cwm and see how that plays out, havent gotten the chance yet tho, im still working with cm10s cwm
  7. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    sorry, 8930 is whats in there.not 8630
  8. NumberXV

    NumberXV Well-Known Member

    Awesome! My phone is now rooted. Thank you.
  9. xdyckox

    xdyckox Well-Known Member

    motochopper worked flawless for me thank you so much!
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  10. tnertb

    tnertb Member

    I don't think I'm getting either to work. :( Damm phone is smarter than me.
  11. JoshuaAwe

    JoshuaAwe Active Member

    Make sure to go to settings > developer options > enable USB debugging

    That's how I was able to root my phone after I checked it and connected it to my PC...and used the program to root my phone.
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  12. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    has anyone tried framaroot? might work, it actually works on alot more devices than its said to
  13. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Dude Guide

  14. Bstressfree

    Bstressfree Well-Known Member

    Anyone tried "POOT"?
  15. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    i serisously doubt poot would ever work. if im not mistaken it was made back in the gingerbread days, and using it on an ics/jb device would probably do more harm than good. youre welcome to try but id have a good backup ready
  16. Bstressfree

    Bstressfree Well-Known Member

    Worked like a charm on my Kyocera Event running ICS.
  17. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    huh, no idea then
  18. Bstressfree

    Bstressfree Well-Known Member

    Well, we'll both find out as soon as I get my hands on an Awe.
  19. daranman

    daranman Member

    Just got the phone on Black Friday at Target. Motochopper works and have root! Maybe its just me, but I had to figure out how to get the drivers loaded to my PC from the phone first. (Settings, Connect to PC, Install Driver, then Connect to PC Software to let Motochopper access the phone.) After the reboot, you need to go to Superuser and let it update, then you'll have it. I now have Root Checker, AdAway, Link2SD and Titanium Backup working and accessing root.
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  20. PCunicorn

    PCunicorn New Member

    Ha, I also got mine at Target for black friday. I successfully rooted mine with Cydia Impactor, couldn't get Motochopper to work.
  21. Bstressfree

    Bstressfree Well-Known Member

    You were right. No luck with POOT, but no harm done (phew). Tried Motochopper don't know if it was me or motochopper but it didn't work either. The I decided to try KINGO, worked on my Chinese FOCU77 Phablet so what the hey.... BINGO!!!!! I'm rooted! Now I'm off to find out which tethering app will work. :vroam:
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  22. bshunt29

    bshunt29 Member

    I still have issues with the drivers. I downloaded the drivers from ZTE

    Service Bulletins Detail

    I also tried to use "connect to PC install drivers" with no success. I get ZTE HSUSB device.

    Also, how do you use Impactor?
  23. JDubTrey

    JDubTrey Active Member

    Here's what I did:
    1) connect phone to PC
    2) choose "connect to PC install drivers" which exposes a set of folders on the phone with the driver sotfware
    3) install driver on PC when prompted
    4) disconnect phone then re-connect
    5) choose "connect run software" or whatever the second option is called
    6) start imp actor
    7) click "Start" on the impact dialog
  24. JDubTrey

    JDubTrey Active Member

    Please keep us updated about the tethering. Barnacle and Wifi Tether don't work for me.
  25. nightbreed813

    nightbreed813 Well-Known Member

    I was able to root with no problem then needed to re-root after the update. I used link2sd to clean up some of the apps but now every time I restart some random google app needs to update. They don't seem to hold the update. My wifi seems to enable on its own randomly too. Besides that so far a great phone.

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