zte boost max (iconic) qi charging problem

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  1. salmon698747

    salmon698747 New Member

    ok...let me start out by saying this is my first phone with inductive charging..that being said, i just got a qi charger (ristime wooden bluetooth alarm clock speaker/wireless charging station) and i cant seem to get this thing to start charging wirelessly, it didn't say it in the item description on amazon but it seems to be for a galxy s4 as it came with a qi case for the galaxy s4, as i understood it though qi is universal tech...do i need a special case, or a diffrent qi pad, if i place the Samsung case on the qi symbol the charging light on the dock turns on so i know it's not the pad

  2. salmon698747

    salmon698747 New Member

    Turns out I'm just dumb, it's a pogo pin charger, not qi

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