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  1. I'm really enjoying my new Flash, but coming from a rooted (GingerBreak) and rommed (Cyan7) Optimus V, I am feeling very limited. Not as bad as the week I carried an iPhone, but limited none the less...
    After searching here there and lots of forums in between, it seems to not be an option. If root can be had on similar ZTE devices then how can I use this knowledge? I'm not a dev or coder of any sort but I have a good grasp on technology. What's the next step???

  2. WFDLt

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    This is my first smart phone and I absolutely love it. I need to get a bigger sd card just so I can download more "stuff".

    What is the best way to be able to view videos that require a flash plug in? That's really my only complaint, that I can't watch certain videos and not being real tech savvy I'm not sure how to deal with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. A quick search of the play store shows several flash players for vids and games. there are several browser choices that can serve your needs as well.. .
  4. Update: Victory! always chasing threads, keep learning more... found it at xda.. they are BADA$$!!! so many props and Internets for Bin4ry @ xda!

    Use option 1
    watch your phone for prompt. I did not enter encryption number, just tapped reset.
    no change to phone other than root and default wallpaper.. success!!!
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    Thanks for this, but so far I haven't needed to root this phone to get it to do what I want. It records phone calls natively and I can use it as a hotspot using the app Hotspot Control. On my last phone these functions required rooting first. I'm loving this phone so far. My only issue has been that the wi-fi is a little buggy. I keep loosing my connection and have to turn wi-fi off then back on to get it to connect again.
  6. ace0195

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    theunlockr.com /2013/ 07/ 03/how -to-root-the-zte-flash/ (Remove Spaces)

    Just found this. Been looking for a root method while I wait for my flash to come in the mail. Don't know if it will work/how well it will work though.
  7. Sent1nel

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    Don't pay for rooting the ZTE Flash. Use Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v31, it's free, just search Google for it.
  8. Almost a year later, and still really enjoying this phone. Running CWM recovery - thanks Junkie2100 and a cleaned up ROM thanks to SuperR, the phone is kinda new again. Also has led to some tinkering and learning..
    for example, the boot animation cannot be changed with rom toolbox. you can try but it wont. However if you use root browser and replace /system/media/bootanimation_sprint.zip with same named file you will be victorious. keep trying to play with statusbar icons, but no luck..yet..

    Another big thanks to all the devs that push our devices farther and farther:D

    Recovery and Rom here..
    Flash - All Things Root - Android Forums
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    i have the same phone and i used CYDIA IMPACTOR it roots just about all ZTE phones works great!

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