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  1. rajamanusr

    rajamanusr New Member

    dear All

    I am new to this forum and from srilanka. recently i bought a ZTE light V9 in malaysia. i was using a p990i and a bb 8310.my light was working fine for few days now the screen does not respond at times. rotating the thing helps at times but even the keyborad is dead. hope someone can help me on this issue please.

  2. ting80427

    ting80427 New Member

    I have encountered similar problem with you. I need to go to the service centre of ZTE and the technician helped me re-install the system of tablet. The re-installation process took little time to complete. The problem did not appear again after re-installation of system.
  3. tztm211

    tztm211 New Member

    Anyone know how to reinstall SW for ZTE V9...mine one need to reinstall after fail to reboot when i did partation for SD card.
  4. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan Well-Known Member

  5. rmgmat

    rmgmat New Member

    H E L P

    got my zte v9 tablet 2.2 and for two weeks now and up to this date, everytime i tried to connect to my wifi at home, results are been the same...authenticating, scanning then disconnected.

    i can't figure out what's wrong. i can use the wifi on my ipod touch but not on the zte v9 tablet.

    at the mall, there's no problem w/ me connecting to wifi. it's always at home.

    im using Wireless-N Home Router WRT120N.

    hope that i can receive answers with this concern.

  6. MelodyMan

    MelodyMan Well-Known Member

    Try to experiment with bands B, N or G.
  7. cyndi13

    cyndi13 New Member

    Your network is password protected with a WEP or WPA key. You need to find out who created it and enter it in your Wi-Fi settings. It keeps looping like that because it's looking for a password that you either haven't filled in or is incorrect.
  8. deimpeti

    deimpeti New Member

    bye. it would be any question that a separate display and touch pad do I get? ZTE V9 ligt. and if so at what price and where?

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