ZTE Light V9 - bricked?

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  1. Rythin

    Rythin New Member


    Okay, so I used:
    1. for rooting: z4root_blade_perm_root_v2.apk
    2. for recovery: OneClickRecoveryV9_20110531.apk
    3. rom: update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-V9-KANG-signed-20120201.zip
    4. gapps: gapps-ics-20120422-signed.zip

    I installed both cm and gapps successfully, but when I rebooted the device it stuck at cm's blue splash screen (it appears to freeze when the arrow is circling the logo and then restarts from the beginning). When I attempted to enter recovery mode (power up while holding volume down) it freezed on the green android bot. Now when I'm attempting to enter recovery mod it just boots up normally - to the replaying cm's blue splash screen.

    Anything I can do to unbrick the device?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. naifah

    naifah Member

    try flash again with cm 7.2 stable..:thumbup:

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