ZTE Merit. Broken Charger? Help!!

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  1. MorganPhillips

    MorganPhillips New Member

    My phones been acting up. The other day I was charging my phone, after about half an hour I unplugged it and my boyfriend charged his phone. (it's straighttalk so they all have the same charger.) I went to put my phone back on charge and it wouldn't charge. It fit perfectly.
    Now it won't charge with ANY charger except one, and it falls out a lot. I also have to hold the charger in place in order for it to charge.
    I need to fix this soon because I need a phone considering I'm pregnant and need to call somebody if I go into labor! (Due date october 29th)
    Please help!

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    It would probably be better if you had a Mod move this to the Avail/Merit form.

    These phones are very picky about there chargers. If it is the USB falling out of the phone then a new cable may do the trick. Walmart has a cheep $7 universal car charger I know works. An other option is to get one of the chargers from ebay that charges the battery out of the phone.
  3. faxanidu

    faxanidu Member

    Mine did this. i think the pin connectors are defective. i got another phone. im a sub contractor so i need my phone working 24 / 7

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