ZTE Merit- memory and other issues with my phone.

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    Jul 16, 2012
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    Hello, I recently bought the ZTE Merit, and have had problems with it since day one of purchase.

    1- why does this phone only come with 128 mb of internal memory?, and is there anyway to increase this?. before asking the answer is "Yes", I have moved all apps that can be moved to my 15gig SD card. And I cant understand for the life of me why, some apps such as: Facebook, Kindle, etc, cant be moved to my SD card?

    2- there is a mysterious "Black Hole" on one of my home screens, a place where if an icon is moved there is disappears.

    3- I get over and over "400 bad connectivity" error message, all day.

    4- Apps locking up on a regular basis, and me having to shut down my phone just to get back to normal.

    I have contacted Straight Talk about my first issue, #1, and of course all I get are Indians from where ever, that I have a difficult time understanding, and when I explain simple things to them, they seem to not understand me.

    Their solution is for me to send my phone back to straight talk, after doing my own research, I can guarantee this will not solve my problem after them sending me a new phone. I will continue to get the same error messages. I'm kinda frustrated and cant afford another phone.

  2. Motorhead1991

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    Mar 7, 2012
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    It only has 128mb because the Chinese suck. To fix that, you have to root and delete some stock apps, as well as wipe the dalvik-cache. Come down into the AT&T Avail section for more help.

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