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  1. KozmikPariah

    KozmikPariah Member

    So I rooted to one.three, and there are no livewallpaper.apk and odex and picker files, which is common.

    I was given 2 apk and odex for LWP and LWPPicker, put 'em in the system/apps folder, changed the permission to rw-r-r, restarted my cell.

    The option for livewallpaper doesn't pop up on the GoLauncher menu, I've tried downloading alternate launchers, so far nothing doing: the other launchers will add a 3rd option with their installed wallpapers (the other two are quickpick app camera pics I've taken and the golauncher downloadable wallpapers).

    Has anyone had success getting one.three to do live wp?

    Are my apk and odex wrong? They are from 2.3.3 I think. Either way, I've downloaded and tried the stock wallpapers and nothing happens.

    Fixed it!

  2. KozmikPariah

    KozmikPariah Member

    All the info I've got:

    Android Version

    Baseband Version


  3. ljbew

    ljbew Member

    What did you post this for>?


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