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  1. whyde1981

    whyde1981 Member

    since i cant get my zte to work properly and ST costomer service is stupid.. I am just gonna go buy an Iphone. will the sim out of the Zte work in an unlocked Iphone or is it locked to the ZTE? thanks in advance

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    If you keeping the ZTE it will work. If you return the phone the SIM will be deactivated.

    I posted in your other thread also.
  3. whyde1981

    whyde1981 Member

    Yeah I guess I'm keeping it I bought it craigslist and something is wrong with it it gets no signal at all(although the iPhone I just put that sim in gets great signal and its working yay ) anyway instead of ST just sending me replacement they kept telling me wait 3 to 5 days and phone will work NOT!!!! There Went a month of minutes.. but o well the iPhone is working I'm happy now
  4. whyde1981

    whyde1981 Member

    And thank you by the way

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